Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Book club

Usually I wander into mum and dad's room after midnight, and find a place to snuggle between them. Tonight I woke up a bit earlier, and everyone was still up.

Becasue baby Lucy was asleep mum told me to quietly sit in bed and wait for her to clean her teeth.

When she came back she found me perched up on her side of the bed clutching her copy of Pride and Prejudice.

"Ladies, ladies, ladies" I said, glancing at the cover, "It's about ladies".

Two out of three...

"Mum, we'll go to the beach and see the baby dolphins."

"Yes, that sounds lovely"

"...and then we'll eat them"


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Look to the skies

Mum and I were in the backyard this afternoon when a plane flew overhead. I looked up, and then made a beeline to the covered breezeway.

Mum asked if everything was alright.

"There were stormtroopers in that plane" I informed her.

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