Monday, 8 October 2007

The Camptown Cockroach Races

Mum happened to be awake for my 10:20pm (on the dot) wake up. She thought it was a good opportunity for a top-up feed which hopefully would see me all the way until breakfast time tomorrow.

Halfway through my feed, she noticed a cockroach in the corner of the room. She signalled dad (a knock to the common wall shared by my room and the study). He ran in, she pointed, and mission 'Kill Cockroach in the Nursery' had begun.

He surveyed the area and weighed up his hunting options. Which weapon to use? Rolled up newspaper or bug spray? The newspaper won, for environmental, health, and comedic reasons.

By the time dad found a suitable paper, I had fallen asleep, so everything had to be done quietly, as well as quickly. Ever tried wacking a bug quietly? Dad carefully moved my toybox out of the cockroach falling zone. But when he put the box down the room suddenly filled with the strains of Camptown Races. "Do daa, Do daa". Darn those electronic press-button toys!

He and mum burst out laughing, which made even more noise. I stayed asleep. Phew.

So he crept up under the cocky, and went for a big swing.

Whack! I jumped. He laughed. Mum 'shushed' us both. And the cocky took off. Dad took off after it. It kept running, he kept wacking. It ended up running around two walls of my room and finally out the door. Once it had run into the bathroom dad grabbed the spray and finished it off.

After all that excitement I finished my feed and went back to sleep.

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