Thursday, 28 February 2008

One of those days

Mum had to work today, so I went off to spend the day with grandma. Our plan was to play for a while, and visit some of grandma's friends, but that all changed when grandad called and said he had a sore heart. He went to hospital in an ambulance, and we met him there.

I thought the hospital was a very interesting place, but got a bit overwhelmed when I saw grandad hooked up to the machines, wearing a face mask. I didn't like it very much, and cried. So poor grandad didn't get a cuddle from me. But I did eventually smile at him from the safety of grandma's lap.

I spent the afternoon happily playing, and when mum arrived I took one look at her and burst into tears. I think it only dawned on me there and then that she had been gone all day!

When dad got home he and I played peek-a-boo, and he even got down onto the floor and crawled around with me for a bit.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Stair master

We had tea at grandma and grandad's place tonight and I mastered the stairs between the dining room and the loungeroom! Yes!

Before we went out for tea we spent the afternoon in the garden. Once again, I was supposed to stay put on the picnic rug. Mum even had toys for me. And a magazine to 'read' (ie scrunch up!). But I only had eyes for exploring. I crawled over to dad, who was up on a ladder trimming a hedge, and then over to mum, who was pulling weeds. I ended up doing a bit of a belly flop onto a lump of dirt. I stopped to watch the birds at one stage, but was quickly back on my mission to circumnavigate the backyard.

What a busy day! Hopefully it means I sleep well, because last night I didn't. Dad and I ended up on the couch for a few hours.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Everyone needs a teddy bear

Mum and dad gave me my official teddy bear today. I have other soft toys, but this is a proper teddy bear. My own teddy bear. Everyone needs a teddy bear.

His name is Manni. It says so on the tag.

The plan was to give it to me to celebrate 9 months. But I was a bit sniffly and so mum and dad waited until I was over my cold. There were lots of smiles when I got a hold of the bear. I grabbed his ear, and bounced him up and down.

Today wasn't all about bears, I also crawled the furtherest I ever have. All the way from the kitchen to the bathroom. I had been playing with dad in the kitchen, he turned to use the computer, and so I headed off to find mum. She was getting my bath ready. I made my way right down the hallway and gave mum a surprise when I popped my little head around the corner. She was quite impressed. She was also impressed that I slept from 9 o'clock last night to 6 this morning. It's the longest sleep we've all had for a long long time.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Top of the pops

I don't watch much TV. But lately I've been mesmerised by a certain thirty second ad for a mobile phone ringtone. You've probably seen it. It features an animated bunny holding a carrot singing 'you are my sweetie pie' and then something else that mum and dad can't quite figure out - something romantic a bunny would sing to a carrot.

If the telly's on, and the ad comes on, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, I'll turn around stare at the telly until it's finished, smile and give an approving 'hmmm'.

With all the music I've been played, mum and dad laugh that this cheesy, and potentially very annoying song, is on the top of my hit parade. Dad said he might speed up some 'proper' music to see if it's the 'chipmunk' effect I like. Then we'll have all sorts of fun. And turn the TV off.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Girls, girls, girls

I love smiling at people I see when I'm out and about. I still have a habit of staring at people until they smile back at me, and I have the best strike rate with teenage girls. Yes! A whole group of girls came up to mum and me when we were in a cafe today, they 'coochy-cooed' and told me I was cute and asked mum a few questions.

We did a spot of shopping while we were at the coast, visiting a few shops to get me some duds for winter. Unlike mum and dad, I can't rely on last winter's gear. It doesn't really fit, and we're living in a cold town now, so I need some good warm duds. I scored a new jumper and some warm pyjamas. Mum and dad deliberated over a pair of shoes for me. They were cool adidas sneakers. Very cute. But I didn't get them. It was decided that we should wait to see if I'm an early walker or not. I still might go another six months or so...And who'll know how big my feet will be by then? I've already grown out of my Volleys.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Beach bum

We went to the beach today. I played in the sand for the first time. And I splashed in the ocean for the first time too. We watched the surfing competition at Coolangatta and I got lots and lots of smiles and hellos from the people on the beach.

After the surfing it was time for lunch, we sat out the hottest part of the day inside, and when the sun lost it's sting, we headed out for a bit of swimming and 'sand familiarisation'. I was a little hesitant at first, and and preferred cuddles over sitting on the beach. But after mum showed me what you can do with sand, I was set. I sat and played for ages. It was fun.

Then we went a bit closer to the water and I sat just close enough to catch the tail end of the waves. It was a bit colder than the pool we have my swimming lessons in, so I was a bit shocked, but I didn't cry. I got a bit of a fright when dad took me in a bit deeper (as deep as his knees!). He'd lower me down, and as the waves came in lift me just in time. I quickly got used to the ebb and flow of the surf.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Forget the green cables, that's a green ant!

I had my first encounter with a green ant today.

I was supposed to be sitting on a towel while dad was gardening, but I was more interested in crawling around the garden, and playing with the grass. That's all very well and good in most yards, but there's a few green ant hills in this yard, and as soon as dad noticed me in the wilds of green, he zoomed over to make sure everythnig was ok. Everything was not ok, he saw a black fleck on my toe, and sure enough it was a green ant. I was busy banging my foot on the grass, and he was worried I was in the process of really peeving off the ant. Dad grabbed my foot, and in one quick move flicked and squsihed the ant. He was worried with all my foot banging the ant may have bitten me, but I happily turned around and got on with my mission to crawl around the yard. Bite and tears avoided. Phew. Mum put a stop to my exploring, she picked me up and I spent the rest of the gardening time safely in her arms.

Dad said to mum that like most kids, I'll probably have more encounters with ants and bugs, but hopefully will learn to give the ones with bug ugly green heads a wide berth.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Don't touch the green cable

Since I became properly mobile, mum and dad have been busy trying to keep up with me and, most importantly, trying to help me distinguish between the things I'm allowed to play with and the things I'm not. Every day the battle lines are drawn over the bright green modem cable which is conveniently located within my grasp. Every time I reach for it, Mum responds with a sharp 'no'. I pull my hand back but then a minute later, try again. And so it goes on and on.

Mum and dad are pretty sure I know what 'no' means but I still like to test the boundaries. After all, isn't that what being a small boy is all about? They are pretty impressed that I listen to them and not touch the things they tell me not to.

I had my second swimming lesson in two days today, and this time dad came along to help out. Mum was with me in the water, but I kept my eyes fixed on dad at the side of the pool. He watched as I discovered I could hold onto the bar at the side of the pool, and keep my head above the water, all by myself! Look out, 'advanced toddlers' here I come!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Discovery channel: Swimsuit edition

With my cold banished to the history books it was safe to head back into the swimming pool. And boy did I dive in! We got there a few minutes early and saw the advanced toddlers finishing up their lesson. Their proper swimming technique must have inspired me, because as soon as I got into the water I was on a mission.

I got back into the swing of splashing, and then lunged forward. I wriggled so much, mum ended up holding me in a swimming position, and I kicked my little legs hard.

I was so keen to get my head under the water, I didn't wait for the '1,2,3', I actually unked myself! The teacher said I was very confident in the water.

I had a visit to grandma and grandad's work while mum had a haircut. I'm quite used to the office now, and even remembered to poke my tongue out at one of grandma's co-workers. She played the tongue-pokey-out game with me the other day, and I remembered!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Discovery channel

I packed in so much today, it's no wonder I fell asleep with relative ease after tea.

Mum was working in the kitchen, and I got a bit bored sitting on my playmat. She moved me into the dining room with my firetruck. I decided that my new skill of crawling (which I've only done every now and then - and never really on purpose) could be used for boredom busting! I made a beeline for the oven and plonked my hand right on top of the sticker that says 'caution: hot surface'! I mean, come on, it's bright yellow! If they didn't want kids to touch it, you'd think they'd make it a boring looking sticker! The oven wasn't on. Mum wouldn't have had me in the kitchen if it was. Just thought I better clarify that. But one thing we've decided, our new house is definately going to have a wall mounted oven. Out of reach of warning sticker seeking babies.

After the oven, I discovered the shiny handles of the pot drawer. And I figured out how to pull it open! And close it too. It was great fun pushing and pulling the drawer open and shut. This game finished abruptly when I clonked myself in the head with the drawer. Ow!

When dad got home I was sitting in the kitchen next to my firetruck. In the spirit of discovery, I spontaneously started to roll the truck back and forth. First time! Dad grabbed the camera and filmed it for your pleasure;

Note my brand new 'grin' at the 6 second mark. I've been doing it for a few days, but up until now it has been impossible to catch on camera. Dad reckon's it's a 'thinking grimace' - I do it when I'm concentrating. It's not as cute as my proper grin, but it does the job when I'm going for 'serious'.

If that's not enough discovering for one day, I stood up in the bath. And I'm talking standing up. Properly. Holding onto the side of the bath. I couldn't get down though. That's a discovery for another day.

Monday, 18 February 2008


I don't like falling asleep in my cot. I prefer falling asleep on mum or dad's shoulder.

Our routine usually involves a few songs to soothe me, and after a few minutes I'll finally rest my head on a shoulder. I'll look around a few times and lie back down, and finally I'll shut my eyes and fall asleep.

Then I'll be lowered slowly into the cot. For the first few times each night I'll immediately wake up at the first hint of a change in angle. I'll cry and I'll be picked up and the whole thing starts again.

Finally, after the songs have been sung a thousand times, and I'm totally exhausted, and mum and dad are exhausted, I'll stay asleep when they lie me in the cot. But the whole process isn't finished until mum or dad get out of the room quietly. And that's hard to do with creaky old floorboards. They end up walking really slowly in big exaggerated moves - like astronauts on the moon - trying not to make a noise. And if all goes well, I'll stay asleep for a few hours. And if all goes realy well I'll sleep until morning.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Half a bottle of water and a crumpled piece of paper

I'm feeling a bit better today. I still had a bit of an uncomfortable night, but come daytime my sniffles got fewer and far between. Mum and dad are both tired, they were up most of the night.

But I'm ready to play, and today had fun with everyone.

Presently, my two favourite toys are a scrunched up piece of blank A4 paper and a half full plastic bottle of water. Yep, with all the bright colourful things in my toybox, I'd prefer to mess about with those two things. Mum noticed me eyeing off the bottle in the car. It sloshed around when we were driving, and I thought it was great.

Mum's hoping I'll sleep a lot better tonight, because she's off to work in the morning.

Saturday, 16 February 2008


I had a fever last night. It kept us all up.

At one stage my temperature got to 39.4, which is quite high, but not quite 'rush to the hospital' high. Mum did call the health help line and they were very helpful - said to keep an eye on me and give me some panadol and strip me down. I stayed awake most of the night, and my preferred place was snacking with mum. I must have drunk a couple of litres, because I had some heavy nappies.

I eventually cooled down and managed to get a couple of hours sleep with dad on the couch in the loungeroom, while mum got some much needed rest.

When the sun came up we went to the doctor, and wouldn't you know, I perked up just as we arrived! I flashed smiles to the receptionist, but there was no hiding my runny nose and watery eyes. I spent most of the examination trying to grab hold of the doctor's stethescope, and the thing he used to check my ears. I passed the exam, got sent home, and spent the rest of the day in a happy, yet still sniffly mood.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Achoo: Day two

We were all a bit bleary eyed this morning.

My cold kept me up, and that meant mum and dad were up too, trying to settle me. Mum decided I'd better not go to swimming this morning, instead we went to the chemist.

With my watery eyes and my runny nose it was pretty easy to see what was wrong with me and the chemist lady quickly fixed me up with some baby cold medicine. Meanwhile, I was making friends with the old man next in line. He said that with eyelashes like mine, I'll be very popular with the girls when I'm a bit bigger. I even managed a smile at that comment. I haven't been letting this cold stop me from being me, and I always love smiling at people I meet at the shops.

Mum and dad have both been very proud of me - even though I'm not feeling very well, I haven't been whinging much, and am always trying to smile through the sniffles.

We had a pretty quiet day at home. I had some sleeps, but when I was awake I was happy enough to play with my toys, including my favourite toy at the moment which is a big piece of scrap paper!

Later we met up with Grandma and she and I played a new game of peek-a-boo.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


I've got the sniffles. Not a great way to celebrate my nine month milestone.

I've never had any sort of cold before, and it's not so great. Mum had to follow me around with a tissue and mop up the drips. I didn't show any signs of feeling sick or uncomfortable and even worked out a way to wipe my own nose - with my fists! Unfortunately I only manage to wipe the drips across my face, but thankfully Mum's always hanging around with that tissue. She and dad have been fussing over me, but I've been my happy self all through the day. Just loud with my breathing, and doing a lot more sneezes!

I also went back to swimming lessons today for the first time this year. What great timing! The pool is indoors and heated, so don't go thinking mum and dad are terrible parents. I've now graduated from Aqua Play to Mum's and Bub's. To begin with, I wasn't my usual splashy self. In fact, there's a little girl Felicity who looks like she wants to challenge me for the 'most splashy baby' title. But I was happy to be back in the water and remembered to hold my breath at the count of three. And just as the lesson was ending, during the 'goodbye' song, I remembered how to use my fists to make some big splashes. I'm not going to lose that title without a fight!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Grass, towels, complicated toys and me

Today mum and I hung out the washing.

It's not the first time I've joined in domestic chores, but usually when mum has washing to hang out, I sit in my chair in the laundry and watch an episode of the 'washing machine' show or mum pops me in my baby carrier and takes me along for the ride. Today she spread out a beach towel for me and I sat on the grass and played. I didn't venture beyond the towel but I did reach over and pull out lots of grass. I had a great time until a flock of birds flew overhead very noisily. I got a bit of a fright and looked to mum for some reassurance, but otherwise I had a very happy time and think i might like this 'playing on the grass' caper.

Earlier on today, I spent a bit of time with Grandma and Grandad at their work. Mum had to go to a school for an interview, and dad had to be at his work, and there was half an hour overlap. So I got to play with the cool toys in the waiting room at the surgery. I love the toys there. I have a particular fondness for a cube with fun activities on each side. There's a dial and things that spin and it's great.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Playgroup: the crawling years

Playgroup is much more exciting now that I'm mobile. There's a big space to explore, lots of other kids, and most importantly, lot of toys. More than I've got at home.

There was a certain two year old that took a shine to the toys I chose to play with. She took them, but I kept my cool, and the little girl's mum made her give the toys back, so I came out looking pretty good.

Before playgroup I brushed my teeth. For the first time! My little teeth are just big enough to clean. But seeing there's only two of them, the toothbrush isn't working too hard.

In preparation for mum doing a few days work a week I dropped my mid morning feed today. It's not a full-on wean, I'm still feeding the old fashioned way for all my other feeds, I'm just replacing one liquid with another liquid, just one that comes out of a can - instead of cans (he he, dad told me that one). After all, there's nothing wrong with a 'liquid lunch' is there?

Monday, 11 February 2008

Secondhand dreaming

I scored my first load of hand-me-downs today. Yay!

We were starting to wonder if I'd ever get some second-hand clothes.

One of the ladies at dad's work has a big family, and seeing their youngest is now two, they don't have much need for size zero onesies anymore, so I got them. There was a funny conversation at work the other day centering on hand-me-down etiquette. How do you ask someone if they might be interested in your kid's old clothes? Is it the done thing anymore? The consensus was 'yes'.

Dad says he remembers getting clothes from his cousin when he was little - he thought they were cooler than brand new clothes from the shops.

So I'll be strutting my stuff in some new/old clothes soon - there is a big warm jacket which will come in very handy for winter.

Speaking of hand me downs, I do have a pile of clothes somewhere waiting for a littlier friend to give to. Some of my clothes mum and dad are keeping, in case they might need them for another G baby in the future, or just because they're special. But there's always a few that fall into the 'offload' pile. I'm still smaller than my younger second cousin Rupert, so I don't think I'll be offloading anything to him in the near future. I've got to grow fast. Or get more cousins! But they're not getting my Ralph shirt!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

The case of the upset baby and the orange earphones

I'm unsettled.

I don't know if it's because I'm back in my proper cot, or a new tooth coming through, or just one of those weekends, but I haven't been my jovial self.

We went out for lunch and I played by myself for a good while, and then fell asleep on dad's shoulder while he was eating dessert. Two things I don't usually do. I'm usually busy taking to all the people, and trying to grab the food on the table!

Tonight, when it was time to go to sleep, I stayed awake for a long time. I let out all sorts of blood curdling cries. Some really high pitched squeals too. I save the squeals for extra special (ie grumpy) days.

Mum and dad both tried to settle me. Singing songs. Rocking. Pacing. Shushing. I tried too, pulling out my 'soothing gurgles', but they didn't help much.

I cried so loudly that dad says he could feel his ears rattling around his head. So he asked mum to get the earphones he wears when he mows the lawn. It made things a lot more bearable for him. And funny for me. I stopped crying and started staring. I've never been put to sleep by bright orange earphones before.

I eventually fell asleep, but mum and dad wish they knew what was wrong. If I could only tell them.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

The only way is up

I encountered stairs for the first time today. At grandma's. Between the dining room and loungeroom.

It was my first visit since I learned to crawl, so I was impressing everyone with my new skills. And I managed to crawl right up to the stairs. I managed to get my hands on the top step (there's only two steps to the dining room) but for all my trying I could not seem to get my knee up. I tried and tried. But just couldn't do it.

Grandma gave me a hand and plonked me onto the first step, but I still couldn't get up. I turned and gave dad a look that said 'um, I think I'm a bit stuck'. He took me off the step and plonked me back in the middle of the loungeroom and I went back to playing with my toys.

One day I'll master that step.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Will crawl for cords

Dad finished his work stint in the big smoke today, so it was time to pack up the unit and head back home today.

Mum and I did most of the packing while dad was at work. Well, mum did the packing while I discovered the wonderful world of electrical cords.

First it was the laptop cord. Mum quickly whisked it away from me, and packed it. Then I managed to spot the fridge cord when mum was doing the washing up. She couldn't pack the fridge away, so I got moved. Then I discovered the shiny oven. This crawling business is great!

Despite my constant distractions, mum fwas able to finish packing the car in time for check-out. Because check-out is in thw morning, and dad's knock off time was in the afternoon, we headed for the airconditioned shops.

While waiting for a lift we met a little boy who pointed to me and had the following conversation with mum;

"That's a little baby"
"He is"
"Is he one years old?"
"No, he's not even one yet"
"He's not even one?" Thinking pause. "Is he zero? Wow, he is little!"

Thursday, 7 February 2008


Not content with one new skill, I've been testing out my climbing skills on the coffee table.

I have a knack of rolling my plastic toys underneath the coffee table in the loungeroom, and while shuffling over to pick them up I decided to climb up the table and have a look at the world from 30cm higher.

It's quite a view!

When I climb up dad makes sure he's there to catch me when I lose my balance. Which is often. But we all enjoy this new little skill, and realise I'm getting bigger! They are making plans like people preparing for a flood - raising precious items away from danger.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Playing the spoons

We've been catching up with a few city friends this week, and tonight went out for dinner with Eden and Kirsty. While the adults chatted about overseas trips and house renovations I practiced my spoon banging technique.

Usually mum will bring an assortment of toys from home, but more often than not, I prefer to play with something else; a spoon, someone's keys, a magazine...You get the idea.

I enjoyed watching the waiters and waitresses walk past. A busy restaurant is quite exciting. We were there for a couple of hours and I didn't really whinge once. Well, I did when I managed to bang my arm on the high chair, but that was soon forgotten with a quick cuddle and another plastic spoon. I dropped the spoons a few times, but mum and dad were quick to pick them up, dust them off, and hand them back to me.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


It's been noisy today. On account of me and my tongue. I discovered I can 'chew' on it and make a funny noise. It makes mum think I've shoved something in my mouth. She's been running over to inspect my mouth a few times today.

And it's not just the funny slurpy noises I've been using my tongue for. I've gotten into the habit of poking it out when I'm concentrating. The times I often concentrate are when I'm trying to remember how to do something (like crawling) or when I'm doing a poo.

Monday, 4 February 2008


I started crawling today. You can call me Mr Mobile.

Mum has been putting toys just out of my reach for a while, to encourage me to get moving. I've been showing pre-crawl signs for a few weeks, but I found all the moves a little too hard to put together. It was mum's car keys that proved the motivation I needed.

My arm movements are classic crawl, but I shuffle/drag my legs behind. It works. Most of the time. I still go backwards sometimes.

This afternoon Mum realised what having me mobile would mean. She popped me down on the floor to play with my toys while she was surfing the web. But I thought it was much more fun to play with the laptop cord! And while putting it out of my reach might have worked yesterday, it wasn't going to work today!

Mum and I went to Ikea today, and Mum let me sample her chocolate mousse. Which is lucky for me, dad's been trying to give me some coke for the last few weeks but mum says 'no'! I think she let her guard down because of my new crawling skills. I got the mousse all over my disposable bib and my hands and my mouth - and Mum's shirt! I wasn't sure what to make of my first taste of chocolate but it only took two spoonfuls for me to decide that chocolate is where it's at! Mum told me to savour the taste because it'll probably be another two years before I get to try my third spoonful!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sleeping successes

I've written many words about my sleeping habits. Usually my bad sleeping habits. So today I am proud to report I slept right through the night.

The other good news is that for the past few days I've given up midnight snacks, and the new routine with dad getting up at 4 or 5am seems to be worknig a treat.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Toot toot!

Another first today; a train ride! I enjoyed looking out the window as the world whizzed by, although I did jump while we were waiting for the train on the platform when a passing train blew its horn! We headed into the city and had a good walk around. It poured rain at one stage and we were out in the open, we finally found a dry spot near a stairwell at the court house. We didn't have an umbrella, but my baby carrier has a sun shade, and I had a hat, so the rain stayed off me. We had a good walk around the city, dodging slow walkers and smokers. There were lots of smokers. Dad thought we could wave my dirty nappy in their faces to see if they liked the smells I can give off!

Both mum and dad took turns with the baby carrier. Dad hasn't taken it out in public before and was impressed with all the smiles he got from passers by. I was busy flashing smiles to everyone I could too!

I got my first pair of boardies at the shops. Genuine Mick Fanning ones. They were the same ones he wore when he won the surfing world championship this year, so that’s pretty cool. Dad got some too, so now we match. They're a little big for me now, but I'll get some good wear out of them. At the moment they come down to my ankles!

Friday, 1 February 2008

Another sleep plan

After not being on the same page as mum with the whole co-sleeping thing (I thought it was a great opportunity to have milk on tap, she thought it was a great opportunity to actually get some sleep) we sort of have a new sleeping plan. It came about by accident. Which is funny considering all the sleeping books we've read, but not really surprising when you consider how things work around here!

I've been stirring after three hours of sleep. Mum gives me a feed and puts me back to sleep. If I wake up again, usually around 2 or 3am, dad gets up, takes me for a walk, plonks himself on the couch and we both have a little snooze in the loungeroom. After half an hour, or and hour and a half (like this morning) he carefully puts me back into my cot and I sleep through until the morning.

It's worked the past three nights. So we're hoping we're onto a good thing...

I had a very happy afternoon. Lots of giggles and laughs with both mum and dad.

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