Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Mum and dad went out to the movies tonight, their first cinematic experience since I was born.
I went to Grandma's place.

She usually has me for daytime meals, and she has a fail safe superfood that always does the trick. Brocolli.

But it didn't work tonight. It may have been thanks to the huge amounts of fruit and veg I had for lunch.

We also had a bit of a panic when we couldn't find the top of my bottle when it was time for warm milk. Fortunately grandma could distract me from the most serious disaster since the last time I missed a bottle of milk, and wall was well by the time mum and dad came to collect me.

Monday, 29 September 2008


We had visitors over for dinner tonight.

While mum was getting tea ready I was having a case of my usual 'just-before-dusk-whingy-and-clingy-time'. To keep me entertained, and becasue it's hard work cooknig tea with a baby clinging onto your legs, mum sat me in my high chair and gave me fruit.

Lots of fruit.

Come tea time I wasn't as hungry as I usually am. So we said grace, the adults tucked into their food, and I didn't. I reached into my bowl, grabbed a handfuil of diced veggies, started my 'countdown'. On the count of three the veggies were flung in mum's direction - and into her lap!

There were some muffled laughs, and some stern words. And no more food throwing.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Blowing bubbles

Mum and I had to dash to the shops for a quick trip. To buy me a little present with a gift voucher from my birthday and to Grandma's to borrow a vacuum cleaner.

Being such a short trip, mum didn't bother to pack the nappy bag. She should have.

While we were on the road, mum noticed that instead of drinking the water from my sippy cup I was taking a big mouthful and dribbling it all down my chin.

By the time we got to Grandma's house, my sippy cup was empty and my t-shirt and shorts were soaking wet.

We didn't have any spare clothes and a quick search of Grandma's baby present cupboard (I must take a closer look in there sometime) revealed nothing in my size.

So while I spent the next half an hour playing happily in just my nappy, the rest of my clothes tumbled dry.

Finally, we continued to the shops and the bubble blowing incident had given mum an idea. She decided to buy me some bubbles and a bubble blower so we can blow bubbles together in future...and keep my clothes nice and dry.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

False alarm

My beauty spot is not.

Thank goodness dad is not a doctor.

It must have just been a little sore in disguise. In dad's defence it really did look and feel like a mole.

I've still got a mole on my tummy. And a little tiny one on the back of my neck.

But the nose one is gone.

Friday, 26 September 2008


I love fruit.

It's the best thing in the world.

I think bananas are the best peice of fruit there is. I can even say "narna". But I usue it as a universal term for fruit.

My morning teas usually consist of a few chopped up strawberries, half a kiwi fruit, some banana, and most recently, some grapes.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Beauty spot

I've got a new mole. Right on my nose.

Mum noticed it the other day when she was cleaning some strawberry off my face, and dismissed it as another of my many and varied scratches. But it stuck around and on closer inspection today it was declared a beauty spot.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Back to crawling

The walking didn't stick.

Yes, I know that the grown-ups get all excited when I take a few steps but I wasn't having a bar of walking today. There wasn't much of a chance because, except when I was sleeping, I was sticking very close to mum. If we were sitting, I was holding onto her hair (she says she is seriously thinking of cutting it very short), and I was walking it was with my arms wrapped around mum's leg.

Mum thinks I am finally going through separation anxiety. That's what babies get, usually when they're a bit smaller than me, when they suddenly realise that their mum is a separate person. But I'm not just attached to mum. I don't really mind who I hold onto, just as long as I'm not left alone.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I am a walker!

I walked in the kitchen, and I walked in the family room.

There were cheers.

Mum was on the phone to Dad, and when she looked over to the kitchen to see what I was up to, I wasn't head first in the tupperware cupboard like she expected me to be...I was walking! Mum called for Aunty Lyndall to come and I spent the next few minutes walking between the two of them, the whole width of the family room. Later that afternoon we met dad for a picnic in the park, but I was finished with the business of walking by that time and was quite happy to crawl in the grass.

I also went to see Colin Buchanan in concert. We know his songs quite well, he's one of the people I rock out to. He's also the only kid's album we have. I knew the very first song that came on and was immediately on my feet, standing on mum's lap, and waving my arms up and down in my very best air drum moves. But then Colin burst onto stage in a big silver spacesuit and gave me a big fright! I immediately got down and burrowed into mum's hair. I did end up watching most of the show, but with a very serious expression on my face and with one hand firmly in mum's hair for security.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Home again

We are home.

Mum told dad she has a new appreciation for people who have to fly with toddlers. But she's really quite proud of my behaviour today. After we had dropped Grandma off at Uncle David and Aunty Lisa's house, mum and I drove to the airport. While we were waiting for our plane, I got friendly with the people sitting near us. Then another family with a baby my size turned up. The little girl decided to walk over to me and we seemed to be quite interested in each other, much to the amusement of the other passengers. Mum was just hoping they'd still be amused with me by the time our plane took off! This time we had an aisle seat. Mum told Grandma it was so we could make a quick getaway if I became whingy. But I don't know where we'd get away to. Luckily, I was a very good boy. I sucked on my lollypop during take-off and managed to not get my sticky fingers on the nice white coat of the lady sitting next to us, despite my numerous friendly overtures. Then I played a game of giving a five dollar note I found in the nappy bag to the nice man across the aisle. And then I stood up on mum's knee so I could wave at the people sitting behind us. And, like my first flight, I spent most of my time pulling down the tray and putting it back up again.

Sunday, 21 September 2008


Mum and Grandma and I went to church this morning. It was advertised as a 'traditional' service and so mum was on high alert to my every sound. From the moment we sat down, she popped a museli bar in my mouth. Normally food does keep me quiet, but this morning I was in a chatty mood and wasn't going to let a mouthful get in my way. So before the sermon had even begun we left Grandma and retreated to the babies' room. There were three other mum's in there already and three girls, all my size. The other mum's were all friendly but my mum was a bit worried by a sign she saw on the wall saying that if your baby puts any toys in their mouths, they must be wiped down with antiseptic wipes. At my playgroup we babies chew on toys with abandon. So mum stayed close to make sure I toed the line. The one time she dropped her guard, I picked up a rubber duck and gave it a big smooch on its beak. But we don't think anyone saw it.

Saturday, 20 September 2008


I have learned to say 'no'.

I have long been able to indicate the sentiment by way of a big whinge or a turn of my head or a flap of my arms. But today I pointed my finger, shook my fist and shouted 'No! No! No!'

It was all over Poppy, my new puppy friend. I like her but she sometimes barks a bit too loudly and gives me a fright and tries to lick the bits of food left stuck to my shirt and pants. So I tell her who's boss!

Well, from a safe distance. Mum and grandma think it's quite funny that I only shout at Poppy when she's away from me, and never when she's up close. I'm not quite that brave.

Later that day, back at our apartment, I met mum's good friends Andrea and Kate. They'd never met me before and mum was hoping I'd be on my very best behaviour. I wasn't. I was tired and a bit whingy. But they still told me I was very cute.

Friday, 19 September 2008

In the sky

I had my first plane trip today!

Mum was nervous but I was full of beans. As soon as we arrived in the departure lounge, I spied a friendly older couple and crawled over to say hello. I took my chirpiness onto the plane with me and gave a big hello, with a wave, to the people sitting behind us. But then it was time to get strapped in. A nice lady in the departure lounge had given us a lollypop for me to suck on while the plane was taking off, so that I wouldn't get sore ears. Well no one told me how to eat a lollypop so I just did what came naturally. I bit down so hard my arms went shaky and when I came up for air, there was a big chunk of lollypop missing! Mum and Grandma thought it was very funny that I had finished the whole lollypop before we'd even taken off.

When we arrived in Canberra, I met my new cousin Oliver. He is very small. I gave him a quick inspection, but then moved onto something more interesting – Uncle David and Aunty Lisa's dog Poppy. She is a friendly dog but she barks when she gets excited and it always gives me a fright and I sometimes cry.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Meeting chicks

I met a chicken today!

A baby chicken.

I have tasted chicken before and, like most kinds of meat, I don't like it very much. But this was the first time I met a real live one.

We were staying with Aunty Pam and Uncle Tom in Brisbane so we could get an early start for our big plane trip the next day. And after dinner mum's cousin Joel brought in a tiny baby chicken for me to meet. Mum stayed close by to make sure I didn't get too friendly, but I just poked out my finger and gave it a very gentle touch on its tummy. Because the chickens are just babies they spend the night in a little cage near the kitchen. So I crawled over to visit a few times while all the grown-ups were having coffee. But the main reason I was in the kitchen was because I had found a cool toy car to play with and I spend the whole night before bedtime driving it up and down the kitchen floor.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sports bottle

I found mum's sports drink bottle in the car.

I figured out how to get the water out.

And now I prefer it to my sippy cup.

In fact, when I finished the water ni the sports bottle mum handed me my sippy cup. I whinged. So mum tipped out the water from the sippy cup into the sports bottle, handed it to me, and I happily drank it.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Tough as nails

I had my MMR shot today.

I didn't cry.

I also skinned my knee when mum and I were putting washing on the line.

I didn't cry.

But I am sporting my first band-aid.

Monday, 15 September 2008


We unpacked my building blocks today and dad built some structures which I waddled over to and knocked over.

Dad thinks I enjoyed the knocking over a bit too much!

After a few minutes of knocking stuff over I decided to build a tower myself and carefully put a long block on top of another long block. Mum and dad gave me a big clap. I decided to put another block on top, and then gave myself a clap!

Sunday, 14 September 2008


I got the grumps today.

Maybe it was because Lyndall left and after a week of having a full house of kids and adults, it's just back to the three of us. Or maybe I'm getting another tooth. Or maybe I got a bit too upset when dad had to confiscate mum's mobile phone after I made a 15 second call to their friend Eden.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Bye bye beach

Our last day at the beach, and I enjoyed my final wade in the water. I even had a smile on my face when I walked on the sand.

I sensed something was up when all the bags were being shipped out to the car, and got a little clingy before we jumped in the car.

When we got home we discovered aunty Lyndall at our house, so I got lots of cuddles and scored a new story book! She even read it to me. She's a good reader, and I sat quietly right through the whole story.

Friday, 12 September 2008


Mum and day always try to say grace with me before I tuck into the meal.

They emphasise the word 'amen' - hoping it will sink in. It has been.

Today when mum said 'amen' I followed with an 'ah ah' - but with the right intonations and phrasing.

I've picked up a couple of language things this week. Dad often counts to three and then throws me in the air or tickles my tummy or does something else that makes me giggle.

"One, two, three....Hahahahha".

I've started to do my own countdown. But I don't always count to three. 'ah...ah....BLAAAAH!' Dad says it's very cute.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

'you have to say....'

We went out for tea tonight and I got to play with Byron and Darcy. I haven't been to their place since I was a little fella. I got to eat with the other kids at the big coffee table in the loungeroom. Dad sat next to me, because I wasn't strapped into the little chair, and there was always the chance I'd make an untimely exit from the table!

At one stage Byron brought some star wars toys to the table, and being an excitable young fella, I reached in to grab one. Byron said 'you have to ask me for a toy'. I just grabbed another one. He was a little confused, he has to say 'please' and 'may I have a toy' and other polite things, but this little intruder was getting away with no politeness. He made one last ditched effort to get me to respect his authority, 'you have to say, 'Byron may I play with your toys'. I reached out and grabbed the C3P0 from him. All the grown ups had to hold back the giggles, as Byron's mum explained to him that I wasn't being rude, just that I don't understand all the complexities of manners and such. Mum swooped in and grabbed me, just in case I got the hankering to grab R2D2. Negotiations between little people is more confusing than the UN.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I ventured onto the sand, all by myself. Mum plonked me onto a beach towel, and I stayed put for a very long time. But I slowly picked up the courage and crawled over to mum and dad. It was cause for celebration! We went into the water and splashed about.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Glug glug and the loud trip to the surf club

Ruth bought me a fluffy toy dog. I picked it out myself from the display. It is very cute. I gave it so many kisses that by the time we got to the checkout his little nose was quite damp!

In keeping with Jack's rule about listening to the toy to see what name it wants ('toys tell you what their name is', that's what he told dad), my dog is called 'glug glug'. OK, it's not a traditional name, but I only have three words, 'hat', 'mum' and 'dad'. And all three of those would be a bit confusing to name my dog, so seeing I've been talking like a Klingon, and 'glug glug' being my favourite phrase, that's the name of my dog.

We went out to the surf club for dinner, and I got a little rowdy while we were waiting to order. Dad got a bit panicky, thinking all the other patrons would get peeved with us, so while we waited for our main meals, mum ordered a plate of chips for me. They arrived in record time and I hoed into them. It stopped my whinging and set dad's mind at ease...

Monday, 8 September 2008

Old haunts

We visited mum and dad's old work this morning, and I got a lot of 'oh, you've grown' comments.

I got some nice cuddles too, but was pretty careful to stay very close to mum. One of the ladies gave me a money box shaped like a pig to play with. I kissed it on the nose. Then, someone handed me a stapler, and showed me how to staple a bit of paper. Dad didn't think that was the most appropriate toy for a 15 month old, so he took it off me, and boy, did I let the whole office know I was not ready to let go of the stapler...Pretty soon our visit was over and we hit the shops. We went to the toy shop mum bought a lot of my baby clothes and nappies from when I was little (yes, it's a little weird to buy nappies from a toy shop) I scored some wooden puzzles. Yay!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Hello beach

We're on holidays!

Mum and dad have been careful to re-introduce me to the surf in a slow, friendly, methodical way.

Firstly we walked along the water's edge just so I could get used to the sound of the surf. When I was really little I found the surf very loud, and not much to my liking.

Next, mum and dad grabbed an arm each and lifted me up into the air, and then down into the water as the waves ebbed and flowed...I didn't really like it, but gritted my teeth and bared it. Then mum decided to lower me into the water – it would have been up to my ankles – not very deep.

We sat there for a while, mum paying close attention to my reaction. In fact she paid such good attention to me that the attention to the actual surf wasn't...Suddenly a big wave (big to me, knee height to an adult) came through and totally dunked me! Dunked mum too, because she was sitting down. I was so shocked I didn't cry immediately, I ended up with a very screwed up face, and sand and water all over me...I eventually cried, and then settled down, and when we got back to the unit and took my togs off I dropped a big lot of sand on the bathroom floor!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

The best toy

Imagine a toy that was one part musical instrument, one part 'pegs into hole', chuck in a couple of balls to throw around, some doors, and a hammering tool. You would have the greatest toy known to man and small boy...

Well, you don't have to imagine it, because it exists, and I have one. It came from Steve and Glennys, and they certainly hit the nail on the head, or more correctly, hit the ball with the plastic hammer.

I love my drum/ball hammer thing.

Friday, 5 September 2008


I've been 'talking' all week. I find any excuse to talk about hats. Even when there are no hats about.

But my most entertaining vocals have come when I insert clicks and clacks throughout my talking. Dad says I sound a bit like a Klingon!

Speaking of klingon - I've been very clingy lately (cling-on. Get it? Yeah, bad pun) Hugs for everyone. Especially mum. Mum says it's lovely to get hugs all the time, but sometimes my hugs and cuddles are a bit over the top and I get the whingies if I'm not carried around everywhere. And that can get wearing...

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Dress ups

Dad and I had our usual Thursday hang out this morning. We were supposed to go to the irrigation shop to buy some parts for our rose irrigation system, but halfway there he smelled something coming from the rear of the car. And I don't mean the exhaust. Well, not the car exhaust. Mine!

So we did a 180 and headed back home. When he plonked me on the change table he discovered it was a false alarm. Just a big fart. I did a few more during the day. In my defense, becasue I'm not much of a meat eater, mum's been giving me a few good helpings of baked beans, and you know what they say about them...

Later on, dad found a replica racing suit of one of his favourite racing car teams of years gone by. He bought it ages ago. Years before I was born. But it looked about my size, so back on the change table I went.

It fitted! So we grabbed my fire truck and zoomed around the kitchen, like racing car drivers.

And in even more exciting news, I have my first cousin! He was born today. He doesn't have a name yet, but apparently has a very squashed head.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Kick it!

The pressure is on. Swimming lessons have so far been fun and games, but next term there'll be a bit of pressure to perform.

That's because, if I want to progress to being a Platypus Level 5 (I'm a Platypus Level 4 at the moment) I need to start kicking by myself.

Usually during kicking practice, I'm too busy watching the other babies kick and need some prompting from my teacher. She will kick my legs for me and I'll start to join in myself, but as soon as she moves on to the next baby, I get back to rubber necking.

I'm very good at all the other things, like putting my head under the water and doing all the actions to all the songs. But Mum says it's time to get serious about the kicking. No more rubber necking!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I drew a picture!

I scored my first set of crayons this morning and mum set out to teach me how to use them.

I'm quite a fan of the dot. Mum encouraged me to draw lines, but I got into a dot making frenzy.

After drawing, we did seven loads of washing!

Mum told me I had to put a hat on when we went outside. That was fine with me, because hats are the coolest things ever! But before we went out I pointed at dad's cap and said my usual 'hat, hat'. Mum realised she had made me put one on, but she didn't have one on. so she put dad's trucker hat on and we both went outside to hang the washing on the line.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Another quiet day

I had another quiet day today, and I was caught with my finger in my mouth a few times too - the general consensus is that there's some major tooth action going on.

There was also some major butt action going on this morning. I started the day with my backside at the same level as dad's head...A few gurgly butt noises later, and we were both awake!

But it wasn't all butts and sore teeth. I managed to charm nana when grandma and I went for a visit. I gave her one of my patented kisses, and she was very impressed.

I had a big afternoon sleep, but that meant I was up a bit later than usual - and when mum and dad headed off to bed I was ready to play...

My life in pictures