Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Is it a bird?

I love planes.

We see them every so often when we're outside playing in the yard before tea.

I'll point and say "eh-cars". Dad likes to think that means 'air cars'.

I still like to do my 'eh-car' move around the house. Arms half extended, head tilted to the side, It's easy to fly through doorways.

Grandad and Grandma and Nana came for tea tonight. I call grandma 'ah-mum' and I call Nana 'nana', and I don't really call grandad anything, but I think he's cool because he'll crawl around the floor with me, and help get the balls I lost under the couch.

Monday, 30 March 2009

To the shops x2

I went shopping today. Twice!

Usually on Monday's grandma takes me to the park but today Nana needed to buy some groceries so off to the shops we went! I was always a great shopper, then I became a not-so-good shopper. Now I'm just unpredictable.

Today I was very definite about not wanting to sit in the little seat in the trolley. I refused to bend my legs when grandma tried to put me in. So I got to sit in the trolley. That meant we needed to have two . One for the groceries. And one for me. That's because I can't always be trusted with the groceries.

Grandma told mum that I was very loud at the shops and whenever Nana went out of sight I called out for her. In the afternoon mum picked me up and took me shopping. Once again, I refused to sit in the little seat and so mum let me sit in the back.

I had a great time playing drums on a box of nappies. I even sang along to my drum beat and got a few approving looks from fellow shoppers. But then I started trying to climb out of the trolley. Mum told me, in a very stern voice, that I had a choice. If I chose to be naughty and climb out, I would have to sit in the little chair. Or I could sit down and be good and I'd be allowed to stay in the back. I sat straight down and was very good for the rest of the shopping trip.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Here I come

Dad said he'd take me to the show this morning, he had to collect his prize card (he got a 3rd place in the rose section) before they closed the pavillion. He thought we might get to see more animals than we did last night.

We didn't.

Everyone was packing up before lunch, and so we picked up the prize and went home. And we still didn't see any animals!

When we got home we watched some car racing. Well, every time I looked at the telly they were doing interviews. Sure, they were interviews about cars, but I wanted to see the cars. And when dad said 'car racing' - I expected to see cars racing, and not some dude talking about car racing. Talking is not as exciting as doing. So I wandered off.

Mum caught me saying 'Here I come' late this afternoon. I said it a few times, in context too.

I also did more of my 'plane moves' around the house. I tilt my head sideways and stick my arms out. Planes are great.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

One cow and one small horse

We went to the show today.

Well, by the time we got there it was late afternoon, and all the interesting things (read; animal displays) were closed down.

I was told all day we'd see lots of animals. I saw one cow. And we had to walk a long way for that one cow.

We walked down sideshow alley, and dodged a lot of people, and the lights and sounds were mildly interesting.

On the way out we walked past a lady who had some little ponies, and she said I could pat them, and even have a ride if I wanted to. I did not want to. So we went home.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Hot toothpaste

Mum and dad are quick to test food to see if it's too hot for me. They'll often say 'oooh, hot' and blow on it, or wave it around, or stick it in the fridge for a minute or so for me.

I sometimes discover the hot food myself, and say 'ot!' And then I'll blow on it myself, or wave it around.

They tell me the iron is hot too. I try and stay away from hot things.

When it came time to go to bed I tried to convince mum tonight not to clean my teeth. I don't really like getting my teeth cleaned. So what did I say? "Ot!!!"

It didn't work. Mum told me the toothpaste wasn't hot. But she later told dad, and they were both impressed with my plan.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Dad and I play outside every afternoon.

Sometimes I get bitten by green ants. Ow! They pack a punch, but a kiss and some stingoes usually does the trick.

Most times I have the not-so-bitey ants crawl on me. And even though they don't do much biting, I still don't like them much.

Today I sat down right near their nest and then complained when they crawled all over me.

Dad came and explained that when you sit on their house there's a good chance they'll run around. He suggested I start running around too.

I did.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I like to say goodbye.

Today after swimming, I said goodbye to my teacher as the lesson was ending, as I got out of the pool, while mum dried me off and I kept waving and saying 'eye bye' even as the new class started!

Mum let me watch some tv when we got home. If you've watched little people's television on the ABC, you'll know that the shows only go for a few minutes each. And I stood up and waved goodbye to each of them.

Later on, mum and I went outside for a play. We were throwing the tennis ball when we heard a plane. I looked at mum and said, "car?". Mum said no, it was actually a plane. And sure enough I saw a plane fly overhead. I had a good look up at the sky and then I stuck my arms out at the sides and ran around yelling "brumm brumm'. Mum was impressed that I was impersonating a plane. Dad told her later that he showed me the plane moves yesterday during our before tea run around.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mine Ball

I learned a lesson in sharing today.

Mum took me for a walk to the park. I brought my ball along for the trip and had fun throwing it back and forth to mum. Then along came a friend of mum's with her little girl who is a bit smaller than me. When I threw my ball, I didn't expect her to go and get it! I gave mum a panicked look, grabbed her hand and said "Mine ball!". Mum agreed that it was my ball but it might be nice to share. I went up to the little girl, held out my hand and in a very nice, polite voice said, "Ta?" It worked! She gave it back and then we played for a bit together.

Later on, while playing in the backyard with dad, which has become our after work ritual, I initiated my first High Five. I ran towards dad with my hand in the air, palm out, yelling 'Hi Bai' 'Hi Bai' - it took him a few seconds to translate, but he figured it out, and gave me a high-five and I was pleased as punch.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Top Gear

My bedtime is normally about 7:30.

Mum and dad don't watch the clock too much but I'm usually all tucked up and fast asleep before the clock strikes 8.

Except on Mondays.

That's because I have a special dispensation to watch Top Gear. It all started because neither mum nor dad wanted to miss the show by being the one to put me to bed. But now, after a few weeks of feeling a bit guilty about me watching it, they've decided that it's probably ok afterall.

I do love cars and it's nice to be able to snuggle in next to dad on the couch and watch a show we both like. I helpfully point to the screen and say 'car' every now and then. But generally I just sit quietly and watch until it's over and time for bed.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The good thing about aunties

My Aunty Lyndall has been visiting this weekend.

Aunties are very handy people to have around because they read stories.

I soon twigged onto this fact and kept the books coming.

We read lots of my stories and Aunty Lyndall, being an English teacher, gave them grades. We both liked 'The Story of Growl'. I especially like to make the growling sounds.

After Aunty Lyndall went home, dad took me to the park to wear me out. It worked; not long after we got home I fell asleep at the table while eating my morning tea. That's what I do every Thursday when dad looks after me. Mum was impressed and is considering trying out the technique herself.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Feeding dogs and combing hair

Today we went to a big family gathering to celebrate Nan's 70th birthday.

For most of the time, I was the only little person and consequently got lots of attention.

I remembered some of dad's cousins from last time and so was very forward about asking people to play with me.

Chris and Emma got the bulk of my attention, and we had fun playing inside and out.

Jenny took me out to meet Harry the dog. I got to feed him bits of sausage roll, he ate them right out of my hand - he was very careful not to bite me, but he gave me a big fright when he licked me on the face!

Just as we were about to leave my second cousin Georgia arrived. She was born four weeks after me. We played with her comb, combing each others, and everyone elses, hair!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Milky floor

Mum and I had a bit of a disagreement this morning. It was over her wanting to have a nice shower with me out of the bathroom. And over me not wanting her to.

I got cross.

I got so cross that when I'd had enough of knocking on the door I did something really naughty. When mum eventually opened the door she saw me standing in the hallway, holding an empty sippy cup, with the contents of the sippy cup (milk) all over the floor and walls.

Then it was mum's turn to get cross.

I got into trouble, and got sent to my room while she cleaned it up and then we went out for a change of scenery. We went to visit Tonya and Sam and I was very excited to get to play with Sam who is, after all, my new best friend. We played inside and then outside and then we built cubby houses out of blankets. I had a great time.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Daddy all gone

Dad and I dropped mum at school and went to the shops. We remembered to get a trolley this time! We zoomed around the aisles and looked at lots of different toys. We didn't buy any, but we got lots of ideas of what we could buy.

We went to the park and played for an hour. I klonked my head on a swing that I was pushing. Dad did tell me to pay attention to when it swang back, but I lost concentration and whack! It was ok, it was made of rubber, but it did give me a bit of a fright.

When it was time for dad to go to work, I stood at the door and waved goodbye and then as the car disappeared out of sight, I looked back at mum, spread out my hands and said 'Daddy all gone'.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Another milestone!

I have been going to swimming lessons since I was five months old. That's a lot of swimming lessons. And one of the key things you're meant to learn at swimming lessons is how to kick. But I don't like to kick. I'm usually too busy watching the other kids during the kicking sessions.

But today I finally got the hang of it! And when I started kicking I didn't want to stop. I also added a new step to my 'safety fall'. That's where I fall into the water, turn around underwater, grab the side of the pool with both hands and then pull my head out of the water. My new trick is to climb out of the pool all by myself. Mum was very pleased.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

From Dem to Sam

Today mum had to go to a meeting for an hour so I was sent to play with my friend Sam. When mum told me where I was going, I got quite excited and marched around the house saying, 'Dem, Dem, Dem'. My 'S' words sometimes get mixed up.

Sam has some great toys and I was on a mission to play with all of them. My favourite is a Bob the Builder workbench.

I like tools.

Mum came to pick me up and then we all went to playgroup. I did lots of running around and went for long drives on a little tractor. Then Olive and I played our yelling game. One of us yells 'Ahhhhh' at high volume and then the other joins in. Then some of the bigger kids joined in too. We quite liked the sound of five kids all yelling 'Ahhhhh' at the top of their voices. But the mums didn't like it quite so much.

When we collected dad from work I told him all about 'Dem'. He said "ssssssss". I tried it;

Me: "sssssssssss"
Dad: "ssssssssssssss"
Me: "ssssss"
Dad: "ssssam"
Me: "sam!"


Monday, 16 March 2009

Dabba Dabba

Today, when I went to grandma's house for my regular Monday play, there was a suprise waiting for me. My Uncle Michael was home from Brisbane to play with me!

We went for a walk to the park and played lots of games. As usual, I insisted on walking to the park. But on the way back I suddenly stopped, put up my arms and said 'up'. I wanted a lift back home.

Later in the day I told grandma I wanted to watch 'Dabba Dabba'. That's how I say, 'Yo Gabba Gabba'. It's my favourite things to watch on the 'tee dee'.

Uncle Mike came over after tea to our place to play a bit of Mario Kart. I sat between him and dad and watched the action very closely.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

To the park for some cricket

For a small boy who loves to play, this was a great day. It started with Tiny Treasures at church. Mum was on creche duty but, for a change, I didn't insist that she play with me exclusively. Instead, I got busy building block towers and sliding down the slippery dip.

After church and some lunch I had my sleep and then we went out again. To the park!

We went with three other families and there were lots of kids. We played on the climbing gym and whizzed down the slippery dip. I figured out the safest way to negotiate slippery dips – I slide down backwards, feet first. We also played cricket which is my favourite game as it involves my favourite toy; a ball, in case you didn't know. I'm still trying to come to grips with all the rules. I have a habit of standing between the bowler and batsman!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Barbecue friends

Dad and I had to amuse ourselves this morning because mum went out to a fashion parade.

I stayed up way past my usual nap time and didn't go down until early afternoon, which was good because we had to go out to a barbecue birthday party tonight.

I was in a very social mood and chatted to anyone who would look down to my level.

One primary school aged boy had a ball, so I decided to stick with him all night!

Dad caught a few 'oh, isn't he beautiful' comments. It made him proud.

Friday, 13 March 2009


If I see an open door I try to shut it.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Footy's back

Football season kicks off this weekend and so dad and I organinsed my tipping for the year. Last season he strapped me in my high chair and handed me two cards to pick the winner. I'm too big for the high chair now, so we're using one of my Ikea chairs.

But it wasn't all footy today. I did a bit of gardening with dad. Well, I ran up and down the garden while dad inspected the roses and we ran around the backyard together too.

It was such a busy morning I fell asleep at the table eating my morning tea!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Surfey dudes and new shoes

We went on a spur of the moment trip to the coast to watch the final of the Quiksilver Pro. It was raining so mum and I stayed in the car for a while while dad got soaked, but it cleared up in time for the end and I got to hang with all the surfy dudes. Dad thought it was cool we could strut around in our matching boardshorts.

After the surfing we went for a big walk along the beach which tired me out.

Then we decided to drop into the shops. And I scored not one, not two, but three pairs of shoes! They're all different sizes. Future proofing! Dad's pretty chuffed because I got Nike Air Jordans! Only the most famous sports shoe....Ever! Well, maybe the Converse All Star is the most famous sports shoe, but it's OK, cause I have a pair of them too. OK, two pairs of them! Oh dear, dad's love of sneakers has certainly invaded my wardrobe!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I visited dad at work today. Mum had to do a few things in town so she dropped me off for half an hour.

I love dad's work.

I get lots of attention and people play with me. Dad's boss showed me some amazing magic tricks. He pulled all sorts of things out of my ears! I was having such a great time that when mum turned up, I ran to her and, using both my hands and all my strength, tried to push her back out the door. But I decided I would leave after all when mum said that it was time to go to playgroup.

I love playgroup.

Today I played with Olive and we didn't have any fights. At one point, Olive tried to snatch a toy off me. Instead of whinging to my mum, I took a more direct approach. I looked over at Olive's mum, babbled away for a few seconds, and pointed at Olive to show what she was up to. Crisis averted with no tears shed. My new diplomacy skills made mum smile.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Back home

I had such a nice sleepover with grandma and grandad that today I didn't really feel like heading home when mum came to collect me.

When she arrived at the front door I squealed and ran away. I hid behind the couch and when mum asked me if I wanted to go home, my response was a firm 'Nup'.

But we did come home and I had a nice time playing with my blocks and then running around outside. I spent a lot of time 'mowing' the lawn with my purple plastic mower, and 'watering' the garden with dad's empty watering can.

Later on, we went to the grocery shop and mum let me sit in the Wiggles car for a few minutes. Then she convinced me to sit in the trolley by pretending it was a car and I was the driver. I brum-brummed my way up and down the aisles.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sleepover club

Today I had my very first sleepover.

Mum and dad were going to a concert in Brisbane and they would be back very late.

They dropped me off at grandma and grandad's church, where the service had just finished. I took grandad's hand and, without a backwards glance, tried to pull him inside to where I could hear kids playing. 'He's not lacking in confidence' grandad observed.

I had a sleep when we got home and then I was ready for my walk to the Japanese Gardens to visit the ducks. Grandma usually takes me there in the stroller. But today I wanted none of that. I insisted on walking, holding onto the stroller, the whole way there. Then, after a few minutes in the stroller on the way home, I was ready to walk again.

Grandma was very impressed with my new words and counting skills. I counted two apples. And I was impressed that she had bought me a whole packet of new balls! You can never have too many.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Busy saturday

We had a busy day today.

We had a quick brekky and went to a bookfair at the showground. I got to ride in the pram because mum thought it was safer than me trying to walk around a huge crowd. It meant I didn't get quite as tired too.

Then we went to the shops and I got to have a ride on the little toy tractor that sits outside the newsagent.

Then dad and I played with my stacking blocks.

And then we played outside.

And then we drew some pictures.

And then we watched some telly.

And then I went to bed.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Making the bed

There's something fascinating about bedsheets.

I spent a good half hour rearranging mum and dad's sheets this morning while mum and dad watched in amazement. Mum even had time to go out and put the clothes on the line and when she got back I was still folding and laying out the sheets!

This afternoon mum and I went to the shops and we found a Thomas sale! I scored a new train. It's Petersam. Mum didn't recognise the train, bit she liked the name. I liked that it's a train, and gripped it tightly as we walked around the shop. I did not like the idea of handing it over to the shop assistant though...

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Playing nurse

It's my usual day at home with dad, but he's sick. So mum made up a bed for him in the loungeroom and he lay down while I watched telly. All morning!

He says I was very understanding and was impressed that I amused myself without getting into any mischief at all.

We let a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD run through twice. That's 48 episodes!

I spent a good deal of time rearranging the sheets mum had laid out for dad.

When mum got home both of us boys were relieved. I got to run around around outside, and dad got to go and have a proper rest. But we all tihnk I did a pretty good job at looking after dad today.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A few more of my favourite things

My favourite thing in the world is a ball.

Any type of ball, but ones that bounce are extra special.

I also love 'bup-ems' - that's buttons to grown ups - and will try to press them at any given moment.

I love my toys cars, and trains.

My favourite TV show is Play School.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Bedtime blues

I have reverted to the bad old days of demanding to be put to sleep on somebody's shoulder.

No lying down, no sitting - it has to be pacing. And if there's one little movement I'm not happy with I'll cry the house down.

It's like 2007 all over again. and it has not gone down well with the grown ups.

I've always had trouble getting to sleep, but lately all it needed was mum or dad to lie down with me for five or so minutes at bedtime and I'd drift off...

It took well over an hour for me to go to sleep tonight, and I wasn't the only one grumbling about it.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Kiss it better

It only took mum a couple of times of kissing an 'owie' better, and now I ask for a kiss quite often.

On my elbow and on my knee and on my hand and even on the top of my head.

You see, I clonk myself on the head every now and then, and I fall over when I'm in a hurry, and I really like it when mum kisses me better.

Mum likes it too. But she laughes when she has to shower me in kisses...

Sunday, 1 March 2009


For more than twenty months, all of my clothing choices have been made for me. Mum and dad sometimes disagree about what I should wear, but I've never had a say.

Until today.

We were rushing to get out of the house for church and I was still wearing just a nappy. As mum dried her hair in the bathroom, I found a t-shirt in the dirty clothes pile and held it up to her. Then I tried to put it on. Mum had a sniff and a quick inspection for stains and decided it passed master. It soon would get dirty, even if it wasn't already. Then I went to my room and found a pair of socks. Mum helped me put them on.

Then I chose some sneakers. Done!

Nothing really matched, but I was happy.

My life in pictures