Tuesday, 22 June 2010

She likes Rock 'n Roll

My baby sister was born today.

Mum and dad were intereste din how I would react when I saw her for the first time.

I bundled right up to her, looked her right in the eye and said 'you'll sleep on the bottom bunk, I'll sleep on the top!'

Then I looked at mum and said 'She likes Rock 'n Roll'

Sunday, 20 June 2010


I've been into gaming for a while now.

I even have my own Playstation controller.

The only thing is, it's not plugged in.

That's right...when I play computer games with Dad, I generally don't get to play them.

I'm more of a spectator.

But tonight we all discovered my gaming talents.

We'd just had dinner at Grandma and Grandad's place (for Dad's birthday, remember?)

And we decided to have a go on Grandma's new Wii Fit.

I watched the grown-ups attempt the slalom skiing...and then I suggested it was my turn.

No one expected much from me...but I surprised everyone by leaning this way and that and making a clean run through (some of) the little flags.

I even beat Grandma and Grandad's scores in some events!

I think I've found my gaming niche.

Breakfast tray

It's Dad's birthday today!

Mum and I let him sleep in while we made him breakfast-in-bed.

We loaded up a little tray with toast, coffee and some yummy chocolates.

I was quite taken with the concept of the breakfast tray.

When my own brekky was ready, I dumped all my Star Wars toys out of my while plastic toy tub and loaded it with my milk cup and plate of toast.

Then I folded out my tutu-popper couch and sat on it with my big tray on my lap.

I think I'll eat brekky like that every day!

P.S. Mum and I made Dad a cake this afternoon. This time I decided on a green Darth Vader cake. I'll get to ice it after my sleep.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Ever since I started wearing undies, Mum has lived in great fear that one day I would do A Public Wee.

I've never done one...

...until today.

And it meant our trip to Funnings wasn't actually that fun. For Dad, that is. Because we men were on our own.

It had all gone so well up to that point.

We had shared our usual sausage-on-bread at the start of the trip, and then I pushed my little trolley while Dad filled it up with the things we needed.

Then, just as Dad was choosing a pair of secateurs, he noticed something shiny on the floor.

A little puddle of some sort.

Oh no! I'd done A Public Wee! Actually, I was still in the process of doing A Public Wee.

In a panic, Dad looked around for something to mop it up with. Not an easy task in a hardware store. So we did what most fathers and their small sons would do in such a situation. We fled.

Back at the car, I was relieved of my sodden undies, my tracksuit pants, socks and shoes. And I quite enjoyed my semi-nude return car trip.

But I did remember to say a fairly sincere 'sorry Mum'a'Dad' when we got home.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Helpful Boy

Mum was tired today.

"You want to sleep on my bed, Mummy?" I asked.

"That's a good idea", said Mum.

"Okay", I said. "You have a sleep and I play Legos"

I played for almost a whole hour while Mum had a snooze.

And I made about twenty Lego birds!

One day I'll tell you how to make Lego birds.

Mum got up to make us some lunch.

And she was very happy with me.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Star Wars cake

It's Grandma's birthday!

Mum and I decided we would make her a birthday cake.

"What sort of cake would Grandma like?" Mum asked me.

"A Star Wars cake" I replied.

"And what colour should it be?" Mum asked.

"Blue" I said.

Mum wasn't so sure, "Do you really think Grandma wants a blue Star Wars cake?"

I nodded my head, adamant "Yes, Mummy. She do"

So we made the cake and Mum iced it.

And then, with a blue tube of icing, I drew a very elaborate Star Wars picture.

Grandma was very impressed with my efforts.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Naughty leg

The Scene: the Big Bed, this morning.

Noah: (pointing to right leg) I got a sore leg, Mummy.

Mum: What happened to it?

Noah: It got kicked.

Mum: Really? Who kicked it?

Noah: (pointing to left leg) This leg did, Mummy.

Mum: Uh oh! Your leg kicked your other leg?

Noah: Yes it did, Mummy. Naughty leg! (smacks left leg hard)

Mum: So now I guess you've got two sore legs.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Home alone

I had a long afternoon sleep today.

While I was asleep, Mum realised we needed a few grocery supplies.

Dad was planting trees in the backyard.

"Keep an ear out for him" Mum told Dad, "If he wakes up and can't find anyone, he'll get scared and cry."

Turns out I'm braver than I'm given credit for.

Dad did keep an ear out. And he didn't hear anything.

But he did see something; when he peered in the windows he saw that the venetian blinds were all askew.

He raced inside to find me in the study, perched up on the office chair, my hands covered in sticky tape and many, many Internet Explorer windows open on the computer.

"Who did that to the blinds Noah?" he asked me.

"Daddy?" I suggested.

"Nope" Dad said, "I'm Daddy and I didn't do it".

So I fessed up. About the blinds. And about the sticky tape. And about the computer.

"I sorry Daddy. I not do it ever ever again"

And chances are I won't get left alone in the house ever ever again.

The story of Gideon

Now that I've graduated to Midgets (Sunday School for little kids), we do Bible stories at church.

This is what I told dad after church;

"God told a man, not Moses, to go BANG, and all the men ran away"

Saturday, 12 June 2010


I'm pretty good at apologies.

In fact, I'm so good I sometimes make the apology before I actually do the thing I'm apologising for.

Scene 1: Mum and Dad's bed

Noah: (jumping on bed)
Mum: Noah! Don't jump on the bed!
Noah: (putting on a very solemn face and tone) I sorry Mummy. I not do it ever, ever again.
Mum: That's ok. Thank you for saying sorry.

Scene 2: Mum and Dad's bed - five minutes later

Noah: Can I turn on Daddy's light?
Mum: No you can't.
Noah: (inching towards the light) Please Mummy?
Mum: I said no.
Noah: (with light switch in hand and putting on a very solemn face and tone) I sorry Mummy. I not do it ever, ever again.
Noah: (switches on the light)

Friday, 11 June 2010


I know a secret.

I don't even know that it is a secret.

Mum and Dad sometimes wish they hadn't told me.

Because they're sure I'll spill the beans.

But I haven't told anyone yet.

Well, I might have told one or two people.

But they're not telling.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Cup of tea

Mum: Good job eating your lunch! Would you like an orange now?
Noah: Yes please. And a cup of tea.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


There's a wonderful shop.

That I love very much.

I call it 'Funnings' and indeed, it is a fun place to shop.

Dad and I went there after church this afternoon.

I had my own little trolley to push around the aisles.

Which made a few old ladies smile.

Dad even gave me jobs to do, like find a nozzle for the caulking gun.

And I did it! Are you impressed?

Then we shared a sausage on bread.

I love Funnings.

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