Sunday, 29 July 2007

Colonel Mustard and the fateful trip to church

Or...Pride cometh before a big poo

Mum and dad were commenting on how cool I looked as they dressed me for church today. I had on my designer overalls Ben and Michelle gave me, teamed with a stripey shirt and my Volleys. 'He'll easily be the best looking baby at church' dad thought to himself, 'probably the best looking baby ever'.

We were making good time, we pulled up at church a full three minutes before the service. And then mum discovered something. Something a bit smelly. Something had leaked right through my singlet, stripey shirt, and through my designer overalls. Something smelled baddddd!

We've had little accidents before, but this one takes the cake. We all got in the backseat, laid out the travelling change mat and fumbled around the nappy bag for all the necessary bum cleaning equipment. "Don't get it on the car seat", "Look out for his bottom", "How did it get up his arms?", "What do I do with the pooey clothes?","Where'd his socks go?".

We were late finding a pew, me in my not quite uber cool, but still very patriotic, green and gold all-in-one suit!

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Givinya De Elba said...

Oh no! Poor little one (poor Mum and Dad!) It happens to us all (not so much to the grownups, but to little ones, I mean.)

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