Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Claire food

Mum was having a hard time getting me to eat my salad at tea tonight.

'Have some cucumber' she said.

'No' I said, 'It yucky'.

Then mum remembered a little person who loves that particular vegetable.

'Did you know that cucumber is Claire's* favourite food? She eats it all the time'

Now I was interested.

I promptly dubbed the cucumber 'Claire food' and the tomatoes 'Gabe food' and then scoffed down the lot.

Thank goodness w haven't found anyone who likes Brussell Sprouts!

* Claire and Gabe are Ben's kids. They're both bigger than me.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Makeshift engine

I got a Thomas train for Christmas.

It's cool. It's not like the wooden ones you have to push around.

This one has an engine and it goes!

But I've discovered a use for my little engine, beyond the train tracks it came with.

I like to put it in the back of my new ride-in car, or in the boot of my little ride-on car.

And then I drive along to real engine noises!

Friday, 25 December 2009

My third Christmas

I think I'm getting a bit of a handle on this whole Christmas thing.

We've got a house full of people, which means there's always someone to play with, and always a crowd on hand to perform to!

I woke up this morning to see a streamer tied to the bed.

Dad and I followed it around the house, and at the end of the streamer we found a Mr Potato Head Stormtrooper in the laundry tub!

After brekky and church we exchanged presents.

I scored a new cricket bat! Just like Ricky Ponting's! And I got a one-day cricket shirt. Very cool.

I got some modern plastic meccano and a Little Tikes car and a lawnmower set and a doctor's set.

There were some great books and a few cars too, and even some practical things like bags.

Lunch was next and seeing it was a 'serve yourself' deal I filled my plate with ham and one apricot ball covered in coconut!

Lots of games followed and I finally crashed in front of the telly after 3.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

A lesson learned

Things you should never do whilst sitting on the toilet:

#1 Use your equipment as a fire hose to spray your mum with wee.

#2 After said fire-hose wee, ask for a reward lolly.

I will not be doing either of these again.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Man of the house

It turns out that when Dad's at work, it falls to me to be the man of the house.

This afternoon, I ran into the study to report that I'd found 'a big ant!'

Mum said she was a bit busy and that she'd be there in a minute.

Well. I know what that means.

I grabbed a piece of scrap paper off the desk and wandered off.

Mum finally took notice when she saw me walk past, heading for the bin, and balancing my ant* on the piece of paper.

She was a bit freaked out but secretly impressed that I'd taken notice of the grown-up technique of picking up and disposing of dead creepy crawlies.

* I sometimes use 'ant' as a generic term. In this case, it referred to an enormous blowfly.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Double Act

I've been asking to go to the toilet a bit lately.

I'll say 'Need to do a wee, Mum!'

She'll take my nappy/undies off and I'll hop up on the toilet.

Once the wee is in the toilet where it belongs, I announce my next trick.

'And now I do a poo!'

Mum's been surprised at how frequently I've managed to poo on command.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Coke is it

I like coke.

Love it, in fact.

I like it in my water.

I like it in my cordial.

I like it in my juice.

I like to have it every day!

But before you accuse my parents of being stupidly irresponsible...

'Coke' is what I have dubbed ice cubes. I probably misheard mum and dad talking when they were putting ice in their coke.

Friday, 4 December 2009

A promise is a promise

Grandma came to look after me today while Mum had to go out for a bit.

We played with my blocks and with my cars.

And right before my sleep time, I had the great idea that we should play in my Thomas tent.

'How 'bout we play in your tent after your sleep', suggested Grandma.

But Grandma forgot that she'd be gone by the time I woke up.

'Do you think he'll remember?' Grandma asked Mum when she got home.

Hmm...yes, I think I would remember!

Sure enough, I woke up and instead of running out to the family room to find mum like I normally do, I waited in my room, next to my Thomas tent, and called out to Grandma.

I was unimpressed when Mum turned up.

I was even less impressed when Grandma turned out to be long gone.

There were so many tears that Mum decided to let me ring Grandma.

Within half an hour, she'd taken a break from work and come up to play in my Thomas tent.

That's love!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Scan me

Dad and I hit the shops today and we found some shirts on sale.

I'm growing out of a few of my shirts so it was the perfect time to upgrade my wardrobe.

We grabbed a trolley, and I stood in it and used it as a makeshift change room in the aisle.

I took a special liking to a stripey polo shirt and didn't want to take it off. Not even for the checkout. So when it was our turn to be served, dad asked the lady if she could scan me and popped me on the desk.

She thought it was very funny.

I continued to wear the shirt around the other shops - tags attached - and I didn't care.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Advent calendar

I got an advent calendar at our playgroup break up the other day.

Dad unwrapped it yesterday and we opened up the first box.

I ate the chocolate.

It was good.

Then he put it away.

Today we opened box #2.

Later on, after dad had gone to work I found the advent calendar.

Some extra boxes may have been open.

I'm not sure what we're going to do on days 3, 9, 10 and 17!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Virtual moon

I'm still a big fan of the moon and stars.

Sometimes when I wake up in the night distressed dad takes me outside and we look at the moon, and then point out a few stars, and it always calms me down.

Tonight we couldn't see the moon because of cloud, so dad jumped on the computer and we looked at pictures of the moon!

He made the wallpaper on the computer a picture of the moon and stars, so we can see it at the touch of a button.

We prefer looking at the real thing, but when it's cloudy, we've got solutions!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Where are all the spoons?

If you're looking for a spoon in our household, don't look in the drawer.

I got there first.

Spoons are great, not only for eating, they can be used as lightsabers, and many other applications.

You'll find spoons all over our house. Maybe even in my bed. Anywhere except the cutlery drawer.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Six or eight legs?

Today's conversation;

Me : Pointing to the ceiling “There's a ant!”
Dad: “No, that's a spider”
Me : “Ah, pider! No touch da pider”

I then reminded dad about not touching the spider several more times.

And then some more.

Safety first!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Check the boot

Mum and I learned a valuable lesson today about why I shouldn't be allowed to bring special toys from home to playgroup.

I was actually told not to bring my storm trooper figurine with me to craft, but he somehow managed to sneak it in anyway.

When mum spotted it as she was dropping me off, she told me to keep it with me and not let it get mixed up with the rest of the toys.

Yeah right. Did she forget that I'm two?

No one should be surprised that when mum came to collect me, the storm trooper was missing.

I didn't seem too concerned but mum knew that dad would be.

After everyone checked everywhere, mum had a last-minute idea of where it could be.

She went through all the little ride-on cars and checked their boots.

Sure enough, there was my storm trooper!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Stars vs Koalas

I am quite partial to my current nappies. They have coloured stars on them.

Today Grandma changed my nappy while she was looking after me.

She still has a stash of nappies from a previous box, they have koalas on them.

I don't like the koalas.

I was quite firm and told Grandma I would only consent to a nappy with stars on it.

She said she didn't have any star nappies.

But I knew where to find them.

I marched into the lounge room, found my nappy bag, opened it and produced a nappy.

'See!' I said triumphantly, 'No-no bag. Star nappy'.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Too weird

Mum produced some fizzy drink for tea tonight. As a treat.

I'm usually quite partial to a drop of fizzy. But not tonight.

I took a sip, screwed up my face and asked for 'yellow juice'

'Don't you like it?' asked Dad.

I shook my head, 'Too weird'

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Just you and me?

Today was the first day in ten that I didn't get to play with other kids or with Grandma.

I wasn't impressed.

After a trip to the doctor this morning (my asthma is back), I made lots of suggestions to Mum as to what we might do with the rest of the day.

Me: See Jo?

Mum: Nope, not today, sorry.

Me: Ok. Sam?

Mum: Sorry, not Sam either.

Me: Grandma?

Mum: She's not at work today, so no.

Me: How about Grandad? (I like to use the phrase 'how about')

Mum: He's not at work either.

Me: Oh man! (I think I get that phrase from dad!)

Mum: That's right, it'll be a day at home with me today.

Me: *whinge*

Monday, 16 November 2009

No No sick

I've got a new tool for not doing eating my veggies, or having a daytime sleep. You know, those annoying things adults are always trying to get me to do when I want to play.

My tool? Chucking a sickie!

I was at the table tonight, eating my sausages and rice and tomatoes, and I decided it was time for ice cream.

Dad said I had to finish my first course before we could move to sweets.

I placed my arms on the table, and sat my head on them, "No No sick" I said.

"Are you really sick?" Dad asked.

"No No sick", I replied.

"He said that to grandma when she was putting him to bed this afternoon", came a voice from the hallway.


"He says he's sick when he doesn't want to do something", mum explained to dad.

So the sympathy disappeared pretty quickly, and I ate my veggies and sausages. And I got my ice cream.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Vanishing cream

Half the contents of mum's jar of hand cream is missing.

Where did all that hand cream go?

I'm not telling, but I did walk into a room this morning smelling VERY familiar to mum.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Commentating Time Out

At teatime I got a little bit too excited and wouldn't sit down.

Then I wouldn't get out from under the table.

Then I wouldn't eat my veggies.

Then I ran around the table.

And around about then, or maybe a little bit after, I can't quite remember because I was having such a good time, I got sent to Time Out.

For three or four minutes.

When I was allowed back into civilisation I thought it was a good idea to do a bit of commentary;

"No veggies. Room. 2, 4, 3"

Which of course means I wasn't eating my veggies (I convieniently left out all the other incriminating things I'd been doing), told I would be sent to my room. And then the 'count to three'.

And when I got back I ate up all my veggies.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Feature length

We are all a bit under the weather today.

That is probably the excuse dad will use when explaining what happened today.

He let me watch Star Wars.

The whole movie.

I've been a little obsessed with Storm Troopers ever since we saw them in the park a couple of months ago.

I've also bugged mum time and again to watch a 40 second clip of a Storm Trooper dancing on Youtube.

Which leads us to this afternoon. Dad was feeling sick. Mum went out. I was in the mood for some Storm Troopers. Dad was not in the mood for repeats of 40 second dancing Storm Trooper videos. He wanted to lie down.

So we compromised. He lay down in front of the telly, and I got to watch my Storm Troopers.

Now, in his defense it was Episode 4. That's the real first episode of Star Wars and there's not a lot of 'grown up' stuff in it, apart from lots of bright lasers and cool space ships. And Storm Troopers!

I didn't quite make it to the end of the film. I wandered off just before the attack on the Death Star. And it doesn't look like that DVD will be put into heavy rotation like the Wiggles or Veggie Tales.

I think I might have to wait until I'm 7 or 8 before I can see it again. Or until dad has another sick day...

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Everyday is a birthday when there's cake

Each time we eat a piece of leftover birthday cake I've been demaning a candle be put on it.

And lit.

And then blown out. By me.

Yep, that's just the way I've been rolling lately...

Thursday, 29 October 2009


While mum was cooking tea tonight I announced, "wee mummy, ok?"

Then I wandered off towards the loo.

Mum could hear all the right sounds, my little toilet chair being set up, and a flush.

I came back to the kitchen, sans pants, and handed mum my nappy.

"Shower mummy, ok?"

I wandered off towards the bathroom.

Mum decided it was time to follow me, but I can be pretty quick when I need to be.

When she got to the bathroom I was stark naked in the shower with shampoo poured over my head.


Well, at least I was saving water by having a 'dry' shower!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Sitting on my toilet seat today, the only thing that came from my butt was a big loud noise.

After a slight pause I said to mum, "No, it's stuck"

Sunday, 18 October 2009

On quoting dogs from ute ads

Remember a popular ad for a Toyota ute a few years back? I don't, because I'm only little. But I somehow* learned the famous word in the ad and used it in perfect context when mum wouldn't let me have a tub of yoghurt this afternoon.

There were muffled guffaws and serious looks flashed across the room from the grown ups.

*Both mum and dad are pointing at each other!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Big screen stormtroopers

We went to Andy and Wndy's place for tea.

I was allowed to bring my entire plastic Star Wars cast to show them.

They were impressed.

Then it was time for them to impress me.

They have a really big telly. They also had some episodes of a Star Wars cartoon cued up for me.

It was very good.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Days of raspberry yoghurt and stormtroopers

Today my attention was split between 'pink yogg' and 'tootoo-poppers'.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Not a very long time ago in a galaxy right here

I got new toys today!

You see, my fondness (some say obsession) with Stormtroopers inspired mum to get me one at the shop today. We were in Myer and happened to wlak past the toy section, and I happened to see some 'Tutu-poppers' on the shelf. I was very excited when mum said 'why not'.

She texted dad, and he wanted to know if it was from the original trilogy or the new trilogy. She said 'original'. It was actually 'new'.

When dad got home and discovered the Storm Trooper was actually a Clone Trooper, he said it was time to visit his toy cupboard and get some 'real' Star Wars toys. So I scored a whole big pack of figures from the original trilogy. 2 stormtroopers, Chewbacca, Luke and Han Solo.

We played after tea. We both had fun.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


I was mucking around in mum and dad's room when I decided to crawl under their bed.

"Hiding!" I declared.

After a few seconds it was time to stop hiding, so I had to come up with an exit strategy.

I did not decide to lower my head and back out the way I came in. Oh no, I charged ahead towards the light coming from the end of the bed. The little thin bit of light.


That was the sound of my head on the bed base.

But it's ok. I apologised. To myself.

"Sorry, No-no" I said.

And everybody laughed.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Scar stories

The annual rose show was on today and mum and I went along to see dad (who had won Best Novice).

Quite a few of the rose people came up to say hello to me.

My response to each 'hello' was to pull my shorts and show the person my knee.

The one with a little scab on it.

The one I got from my bike crash at Sam's house.

It's a pretty small scratch.

But it's mine, and I show it to as many people as I meet.

P.S. A few of them told me they'd already seen it when I showed them the day before. When dad and I were helping to set up the rose show. But they were still impressed.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Awake! Sick people

When I see someone with their eyes shut, I like to creep up to them and shout 'awake!'

It's hilarious.

I usually do it at home to mum or dad, but today decided to take my show on the road.

To the doctor's waiting room.

Oh, yes....I went there.

P.S. We are all a bit sick at Long Lived Rock. But none of us has swine flu.

Heads up

Mum gave dad two pieces of advice while leaving the house this morning.

"He's really adept at undoing screwcaps. So be careful where you leave the bottle of juice"


"He's quite partial to his medicine, so be careful where you leave his, and our, medicine!"

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Awake Red!


Scene; Boy stands next to coffee table with several toy cars.

"Bed green"

Green car is turned over onto roof.

"Bed red"

Red car is turned over onto roof.

"Awake Red!"

Red car is placed back on wheels.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Friendly shopper

We went shopping a couple of times today.

In the morning we went hunting for a new TV. Well, browsing. There were lots of TVs in the shop, showing lots of different things, and dad had to make sure I was looking at ones showing appropriate content for two year olds. Some of the really big ones were showing previews for big scary action movies, so I got turned around to look at the ones on the other wall. They were showing an American baseball game. Dad said that even though baseball is a silly game, it was much better for me to see that than scary dudes shooting guns.

We didn't buy a TV, but we did buy some milk and bread at the supermarket this afternoon. I tried to make as many friends as I could by saying 'hello' to everyone I saw. I also kept people laughing by my checkout antics, which include insisting on putting all the items on the little conveyor belt.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Going solo

It may have been inspired by a 'Time Out', but I managed to put myself to bed all on my own!

I was being a bit naughty after lunch, and dad sent me to my room for a bit of 'time out'. It usually causes a few tears, but today the tears disappered quickly and dad found me lying on the floor reading a book after my 5 minutes was up.

I was having such a good time that he decided to leave me.

A few minutes later he checked on me to find me tucked up in bed under the sheets!

I grinned at him.

He asked if I wanted some juice or milk, but I shook my head.

He came back 5 minutes later and I was sound asleep.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Two dinosaurs

Putting on our shoes getting ready to go out and mum turned on the TV for a quick minute.

There were two dinosaurs; a big one and a little one.

I pointed at the big one and announced to mum, "Dis a daddy".

Then I pointed to the little one and said, "Dis a No-No".

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Body art

They were painting on TV this morning.

I came in to see mum and said 'No-no paint too!"

So mum got the paints out and set me up at my blue table.

Once I finished with the paper I moved onto my arms and legs and face!

(un)Fortunately it was washed off easily...

Thursday, 24 September 2009


We went to a concert today. Colin Buchanan came to town. He visited last year. I got scared back then, but I'm a year older and wiser now.

I enjoyed the show, but still didn't do much dancing around.

I left the dancing for when we got home with a new CD. Mum put it on and I did a few groovy moves. and even asked her to replay a song I took a shine to again.

And again.

And again.

It has a bit in it that goes 'wikky wikky woo'. And I love it!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The tale of two cars


Scene; Boy stands next to red couch in family room holding a Red VW Beetle and a Black London Taxi.

Both cars drive up and down the armrest of the couch.

Red Beetle: "Come back!"
Black Taxi: "Do Ray" (Go Away)
Red Beetle: "Big Smack!"

Red Beetle crashes into Black Taxi

Boy kisses Black Taxi better.

Monday, 21 September 2009

PJ x2

I scored some new PJs today.

Two pairs!

My summer bedtime wear from last year is so 2008, and so small that my little tummy pokes out between the bottom of the shirt and top of the pants.

So mum and I went to the big family department store (the one she used to work at) and discovered some pyjamas on sale!

There's a set with two monkeys playing computer games! I yelled out "Ooh ooh, ah ah" That's what monkeys say.

The other set is my NRL footy team colours. The Gold Coast Titans! It has a little white collar, and looks like I'm ready to take the field.

The field of dreams, at least...

Friday, 11 September 2009

Reading chair

Mum and I did some building tody. Well, mum did the building, and I did the playing.

We've had a rocking chair in the garage for about a year, and we decided it was a good day to use it.

I grabbed a few random tools and pretended to 'put together' my bed.

That was pretty fun, but there was much more excitement to come. You see, the bits of chair came in a big brown cardboard box. It's more than a metre long and almost a metre wide and about 15 centimetres deep. Can't you just imagine what a great boat it made?

I spent a happy hour or so sitting in my 'boat' colouring it in with my crayons.

And then, we got to use the chair! For stories! What fun!

Monday, 7 September 2009

The money issue

Grandad gave me a money box today. With money in it!

I'm a little familiar with money, especially coins. In fact I'm pretty sure the only type of money is the coin variety. I found a fifty cent piece under dad's side of the bed and presented him with it bright and early one morning.

Money was on my mind all day.

When we went to the post office I had a ride in the Noddy car, but this time I held out my hand to mum and asked for some 'moneeey'. Mum said no.

Then we went to the grocery store, and I asked for some 'moneeey' to put in the guide dog (you know, those big yellow plastic dogs they have collecting money).

Then mum gave me a $2 coin to pay for some chocolate milk. I handed it over to the cashier and gave a big 'TA' when she gave me the milk!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Park explorer

After a big run around at church, we went to the park for lunch. It's father's day, so dad and grandad were the guests of honour. Mum and I didn't get dad anything as a present (we don't really do father's day presents) but mum did whisper something about getting the new Playstation 3 later in the year. Dad said this would be good for both us boys!

Anyway, at the park I didn't want to sit at the table and eat the fish and chips mum bought me. I wanted to run around.

So I just took off towards the center of the park where all the flowers are blooming. Dad followed me, and we went for a huge walk.

We finally got back to the picnic table where grandma let me have half of her Subway 'sub'. I called it a 'burg', because it looked a little bit like a hamburger.

After a few bites of the 'burg' I insisted grandad and I go for a walk.

We were gone for ages, and returned with a pine cone and a big leaf.

By that stage I was pretty tired, and we decided to go home, where I was supposed to have a big sleep. But I woke up with a loud case of the coughs instead. Nevermind, my big sleep came a few hours later when I crashed after tea.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Duck Peter

I have a T shirt with a duck wearing a Darth Vader helmet on it. It says 'Duck Vader'.

Dad likes it, because it's cute, and it has a Star Wars connection.

This may be the reason that when I see Darth Vader (and in our household coming across Star wars related things is not that hard) I get the Darth and the Duck mixed up.

But it's the way I say 'Vader' that has dad a little perplexed.

I say 'Peter'.

Dad's name is Peter.

So when I say 'Darth Vader' it comes out as 'Duck Peter'.

Doesn't sound like a scary movie villain at all...

Monday, 31 August 2009

Noddy is not cool

Mum and I had to pick up the mail form the shops today. I don't often go to shopping centre where our Post Office box is, so I was excited to see a brand new kids ride I'd never ridden on before.

It was an ABC kids branded 'van'.

You know, the ones you put in 20c for a ride. Well, it should be 20c, it's actually $2 these days. Dad tells me in the olden days (the 1980s) they were only 20c. Not that I know what these rides do with money in them, mum and dad have successfully kept me in the dark so far.

Anyway, I was about to climb in the driver's seat when I saw someone was already in it.


A plastic Noddy. Molded to the van.

I asked mum to move him.

She couldn't, and tried to explain he was part of the ride.

Well, not part of my ride! I decided not to hop in.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hanging with dad after church

After church I didn't do my usual run around the pews with the other kids. We all went outside to the playground. I did my usual trick of climbing up the slippery dip stairs and not sliding down!

After that, we went and had another look at cricket bats. Mum and dad had a bit of a discussion about bats that I wasn't privvy to. They said something about Christmas and Ricky Ponting.

Anyway, after that mum went out to the theatre to see Les Miserables. Dad and I decided to stay home and not be miserable by playing racing cars! both virtually (on the PlayStation) and physically (with my hotwheels cars).

Mum got home, and then went out for tea for her aunty's birthday. Once again, dad and I stayed home. we tried to watch a bit of telly, but there was nothing suitable on for me to watch, so we turned off the tube, and turned on the stereo and jumped around the house being rockstars for an hour or so. It was great fun!

Saturday, 29 August 2009


I had the longest bath of my little life today.

I came out all pruney.

Dad laughed and said my hands looked like old man hands.

I think he got me paranoid, because after he went outside to do a bit of gardening I asked mum to kiss my hands better!

Saturday, 22 August 2009


After my bath this morning (yes, another bath!) dad asked me if I wanted to sit on the loo for a bit.

I said yes. An enthusiastic yes.

While I was on the loo he said 'do a wee'. I scrunched up my face and pushed and did....a poo!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Return of the bath

I had my first bath in a long time today.

Now don't go thinking I was a stinky boy, I've been having showers!

This bath was quite different to baths of old.

for one, I didn't insist on standing and leaning my head over the side so all the hair washing water would fall on the floor, like it used to. This time, I sat when I was told, and patiently let the water splash over me.

Good times!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tata-Pear Party!

Mum hosted a Tupperwear party last night. Or, as I like to say 'Tata-Pear'.

I was supposed to be asleep by the time the ladies arrived.

I wasn't.

Dad had already made his escape to Andy's house, and so I decided to make the most of being awake at a Tupperware party and joined in the demonstration.

I watched the lady give her demonstrations, and grabbed a few items and did my own!

I had a great time!

I'm not sure if I helped sell any homewares though.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Paper planes

Mum had to go to the city for work today so her usual Tuesday job of looking after me was outsourced to Olive and Harvey's mum.

I was very excited when I found out I'd get to play all day with 'the kids'.

I even sang a bit of a song with 'lyrics' peppered with 'Harveeeey' on the way to their house.

Harvey showed me how to make a paper aeroplane. I tried to copy the way he folded the paper, but what I ended up with was a crumpled ball which I flew by throwing it hard.

Later, we all went to Playgroup and, according to the reports mum got back, my behaviour was perfect.

My behaviour was a little less than perfect when mum arrived to collect me later in the afternoon. I did not want to go home and made my feelings clear. But mum cheered me up by turning up the stereo and listening to The Lads in the car on the way home. We've even worked out some actions to their songs.

The paper plane making continued when dad got home from work. Fortunately we had a pile of junk mail in the letter box, and now we have a whole squadron of brightly coloured planes scattered around the living room floor.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Kitchen shower

Mum didn't have to go to work today so she sent me to Grandma's for a couple hours so she could do the shopping in peace.

After she collected me, we went home to do some housework.

I am quite partial to washing up. Mum puts all the sharp/breakable things in the dishwasher and lets me wash up the plastic bowls and cutlery.

While I was kept busy, she decided to quickly check her emails.

A minute or two later, she peeked into the kitchen to check on me and I was nude!

That's right, standing on my chair, shirt pulled up and pants pulled down. And I was washing my tummy. Mum laughed and asked me what I was doing.

'Shower' I replied.

I thought it would have been obvious.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Car master part 2

After a bit of breakfast and a bit of a play with Jack and Hallie we loaded up the car this morning and prepared for another day behind the wheel.

Armed with a 'nummy bar' in my hand I had a sleep for the first hour, and then enjoyed the view outside until lunchtime.

We had McDonalds. Again! This time I had a cheeseburger all to myself. I didn't finish it, but I did try to polish off dad's coke.

Back into the car, and another screening of Nemo. After that, a Wiggles episode, and it was time to stop again.

We had to pick up some roses from a nursery dad saw on Friday, and it was a perfect opportunity for me to go for a bit of a run. Up and down the paths.

Soon we were home, and after a few minutes of restoring my bearings, I settled into my home routine.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

A two year old at a 95th birthday party

We had a big birthday party for Mummy B today.

We had a couple of hours setting up. Most of my time was spent between the bowl of cheezels and grandad who was getting the PA system working. When it was clear I wasn't going to get to yell in the microphone I headed back to the cheezels. I also managed to knock over all the toothpicks on the snacks table.

As the people started to arrive I clicked into social mode. I think I managed to have a chat to everyone at the party. I did not want to sit still at all.

When the speeches started I decided to visit aunty Lyndall. She was sitting next to Mummy B at the table at the front of the room. After a couple of trips back and forth between the front table and the table dad was sitting at up the back, I decided to crawl under the 'guest of honour' table. I got stuck. Properly. While the speeches were on dad had to come up the front and extract me. It was harder than he thought. I had wedged myself between the legs and crossbars of two tables. I was giggling, and dad started to laugh when he realised how stuck I was. Most of the action was obscured by the table cloth, but by the time we got out there were quite a few eyes on us. We quickly made our way outside and I ran around on the grass while dad tried to gain his composure.

More chips, more chats, and lots of playing. It was a bit day, and I didn't have time for a sleep.

Mum and dad claim they were quite exhausted after running around after me today.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Car Master part 1

We're off to a party.

It's six hours away.

That means a road trip!

I'm used to two hour drives, but this one required a bit of planning. And a portable DVD player (thanks to Annetta)

I spent the first hour looking out the window and pointing out the livestock.

Then it was time for a bit of Nemo.

It got to lunchtime and we stopped at McDonalds (they've got a playground!) and lo and behold, we ran into my second cousin Rupert and his mum and dad. Rupert is six weeks younger than me, but he's got some pretty impressive language skills. After a play and a bite to eat we all got back into our cars and continued our journey.

I slept for a while, and when I woke up we were still driving!

We finally made it to Mummy B's house and there were hugs all round from grandparents and great grandparents and long lost aunties and great uncles.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Can't sleep, must race

Uncle Moo came around this morning.

He and dad played computer games. I sat between them and watched the racing cars. I had a great time. Such a great time that I didn't have my daytime sleep, so I got tired pretty early tonight.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mum said no

I was in an obstinant mood after my sleep this afternoon.

Mum offered me juice, but I'd caught sight of a can of soft drink in the fridge and wanted that instead.

Mum said no.

Then I decided I wanted milo.

Mum said no to that too.

So I grabbed a box of museli bars and dared mum to say no.

But she said yes!

What's a little boy - committed to obstinance - to do in such a situation?

Demand two museli bars!

Mum said no.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Nummy Bar

Mum and dad have been wondering when we'd have our first 'family word'.

You know, a term known, and used by, the select few who live under the same roof.

Often, these words are created because of a mispronunciation.

We have our first; Nummy Bar.

I say 'nummy' when I mean yummy.

I love muesli bars. They're yummy.

I have been asking for 'nummy bars' all day.

Nummy Bars are now a family word.

Monday, 27 July 2009

This habit is a popular one

I didn't want to say anything before, in case it didn't stick, but I have slept a week in my own bed, without the late night visit to the Big Bed.

That's right. Seven days in a row!

Quite a big deal around here.

Mum and dad are so used to me popping in at 12am, or 1 or 2 or 3, that when I didn't show up they didn't quite know what to do.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Arrrggghhhh! Grandad's got one too!

I stayed over at Grandma and Grandad's place becasue mum and dad are off at some la-de-dah party kids weren't invited to.

I slept right through the night, much to grandmas, and mums, delight.

When I trotted in to see grandad I got a huge fright.

He was wearing a mask, just like the dreaded nebuliser.

It helps him breathe easier in the night, but it helped me get the freak-outs!

Grandma said 'quick, take it off', but it was too late...

Fortunately grandad only wears it during the night and when I saw him later the mask was nowhere to be seen.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

One by one by one

It was a busy morning.

First, we had our farmer neighbour come over to help chainsaw up the old tree. I had a marvelous time watching all the branches get up. and when the old stump got cut I gave a cheer.

Later on, mum and dad were busy getting ready for a dinner party. I am not going to the party. I am going to spend the night at grandma and grandad's place.

While mum and dad were madly getting ready I found the muesli container on the kitchen table. I took it into the bathroom where I ate it one piece at a time. It kept me busy for ages.

Friday, 24 July 2009

What's in a name

I refer to myself as No-No.

I have for a very long time.

Mum and dad have encouraged me to say 'No-Ah' but I've been too much a fan of the double 'no'.

My very good friend Olive is a 'no-no' sayer too. Well, she WAS a 'no-no' sayer until today. When it was time to wave goodbye today she said 'bye Noah'.

So mum and dad thought if she can say it, I should be able to give it a go too.

Teatime conversation went as follows;

Mum: 'Say Noah'
Me: 'No-No'
Mum: 'No-Ah'
Me: 'No-No'
Mum: 'No AHHH!'
Me: 'No-No-AH!'
Everybody: laughs!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Walking backwards

The weather is fine, and so dad and I decided it was time to get back to the park.

We decided on the big park with the ducks because we could do the 'toot toot' truck trick at the traffic lights.

It worked! We got three trucks to blow their horns, and we got lots of smiles from people in cars too.

On our way home, as we turned into our street, I decided to turn around and walk home backwards.

It took a long time.

A very long time.

But with dad making sure there was no danger in front of me, I made it safely to the house.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Ladies craft mornings are great for little boys

I went to a ladies craft morning at church today.

That may sound like the worst thing a little boy could be dragged along to, but there were a couple of factors that made it brilliant fun.

First, Sam came. He's a little bit older than me, but still plays with me. He's cool.

Secondly, they had a playroom set-up and a nice lady looking after us who gave us stickers and morning tea. Very cool.

I was so worn out that when we got home I fell asleep on mum's shoulder while she was talking on the phone. She put me to bed and I slept for almost three hours.

Mum says we'll definitely go back to craft next time it's on.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Off with those shoes

There's not much to do on a car trip if you're small like me.

I don't have any say in where we go.

I don't get to decide what we listen to.

And since mum had to clean out my car seat and extract a thousand sultanas, I don't get to eat as much as I used to either.

But I do get to decide whether I wear shoes or not!

I have been exercising this small degree of self-determination by removing my shoes and socks every time we drive somewhere.

Mum says it's a bit annoying to wrestle my shoes on my feet at home (my Chucks might look cool but they're a bit of a hassle to put on), only to arrive at our destination and find me sans shoes and socks.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Sleeping like a teenager

I've been sleeping in lately.

Today mum came in to wake me up well after I usually wake up. I grunted and rolled back over to get some more shut-eye!

She joked to dad that's what a teenager would do, not a two year old!

The good news is she had to come into my room to wake me up. I didn't make my nightly trek into the big bed.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

One more mouthful...

Mum and dad try to be cool about food.

They don't want to be those parents who obsess about how many mouthfuls I eat.

But there are times that my effort just doesn't justify getting any dessert.

And that's when I'm told 'one more mouthful and then you can have ice-cream'

But sometimes I don't want one more mouthful.

Fortunately I think I found a loophole today.

I opened my mouth wide, and let dad put the spoon in.

Then, after he said 'good boy' and turned around to get me my ice-cream, I spat the food out.

Yeah, I'm so clever. Or so I thought.

Unfortunately the food landed on mum's shiny clean floor. Apparently swallowing is the main part of the whole 'eating experience'.

I was not met with smiles. Or ice cream.

Lesson learned. For now...

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Footy twins

I found a couple of footy jerseys in the cupboard this afternoon.

Over the years (the two that I've been alive) dad has taken great pleasure in buying me sports related items. I've got 5 football jerseys now*, which he explained to mum will keep me dressed for a few good years of barracking.

Mum helped me into the size 2 shirt, and I requested we give the other one to daddy.

"Daddy footy?" I asked.

So I met him in the study and shoved my size 0 jersey into his hands.

He said there was a pretty good chance it wouldn't fit him, but he would go and grab his own jersey.

Not only did he get his jersey, he got two footy scarves from the cupboard.

We put them on. And cheered for the Lions. And they won.

*All on special, and all different sizes. Just in case you thought we were really weird.

Friday, 17 July 2009

If I shut my eyes is it still naughty?

I got caught doing something naughty today.

As soon as I heard the 'Don't do that" I stood perfectly still and shut my eyes tight.

Even though my eyes were shut tight mum still knew exactly where I was. She's pretty clever!

Later on when I reached for the on button of the dishwasher, something I know I'm never to touch, I heard mum again, and immediately shut my eyes.

She still knew where to find me.

I think my 'invisibility cloak' needs a bit of work.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Jammie day

It was cold today!

Very cold.

Too cold to go to the park.

Too cold to even get changed.

So dad let me stay in my Pjs all day.

A Wiggles DVD played on constant rotation all day, and we managed to keep warm by doing a bit of running up and down the hallway.

When mum got home she wondered why I was still in my jammies.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Two by two

When I'm eating, I like things to be even. Something in each hand.

I've even started finishing my food request sentences with 'two?'

Two bikkies, two chips, two grapes.

Everything two by two.

Well, they did call me Noah, didn't they?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Cancel my appointments

No playgroup for me today. Still too sick.

Monday, 13 July 2009

I miss out on all the fun jobs

I was meant to go to Grandma's house today but I was still too sick.

Dad is home this week to do some jobs around the house. We ordered a big rubbish skip and we plan to fill it this week.

When I say 'we' I mean mum and dad, not me.

Apparently skips are not for toddlers.

In the afternoon both the adults had to carry big heavy things, and I didn't help as much as I could, so I got relegated to my room.

As you'd expect, I protested very loudly.

But after a few minutes I forgot about the work they were doing outside, and focused on the fun I could have with my trains and my cars and my other toys.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

I do not want to go to the planet Nebulon

I am not feeling well.

I've had a couple more spews, and I've been coughing a lot.

The doctor decided we should try out a nebuliser and see if it helps me breathe better.

I think I'd rather just cough. That nebuliser is not cool. It is a frightening, noisy machine that has a mask I'm supposed to put on. No way!

Dad thought he'd try and make it exciting. He made up a story about a space mission to the planet Nebulon, and to get there we'd have to put our space masks on.


I am not falling for that. I do not like the blinkin' mask, and I don't like the blinkin' noise. And I don't care if there's a mission to the planet Ice Cream, I am not wearing that thing.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, it seemed to work, and after a few minutes of horrible torture I breathed a bit easier.

I think I'll breathe easier forever now. That crazy machine scared the wheezes out of me!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

The cleanup

Hold those noses! The car stinks.

Mum thought we might have to throw out my carseat.

Dad thought we might have to throw out the whole car.

On second thoughts, they rolled up their sleeves and got to cleaning the car after my big spew.

Out came the seatcovers and out came the baby seat. Everything that could fit went into the washing machine and everything else got hosed.

Mum says she found about a thousand and one sultanas, which I'd wedged into every crack and crevice.

Dad went to work in the car. He used bi-carb soda and white vinegar.

The car doesn't smell like vomit anymore. It smells like vinegar.

But we all agree that it's an improvement.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Diagnosis: F.O.B

I had a pretty rough night, coughing and wheezing quite a bit.

I was very quiet all morning, and mum decided to take me to the doctor to see if there was something he could do.

By the time he got to see me I perked up, and when he was writing his notes he wrote "FOB", which he explained stood for Full Of Beans!

He said I might have asthma or bronchitis. Mum had asthma when she was a kid.

So armed with some new medicine we went home.

Later on I did the biggest spew in my whole life. In the car. It went everywhere. Yuk!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Funny chair

Dad and I went to the park today.

I was very excited becasue I got to ride on the Funny Chair!

That's what I call the see-saw.

We didn't run around as much as we usually do, becasue I kept getting distracted by all the leaves on the ground. I had to sit down and pick each one up. It was a big job!

That was the fun part, the sad news is I developed a big cough tonight, and had a couple of little spews.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

No, not 'bye wiggles'

I like closure.

Doors need to be shut, and things need to be said 'bye' to.

"Bye dad", "bye mum", "bye wee" (yep, I've been known to send a cheerio with a flush of the loo)

Mum will get me to say bye to whatever we're watching on the telly when it's time to do something else.

Today I did not want to stop watching the TV and announced "No, not 'bye wiggles'"

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The F word

Hypothetically, if dad was to accidently let slip a slightly PG rated term for flatulence within my earshot, there is a very good chance that I would remember said word and use it myself in context when I let one rip.

But this is all very hypothetical, of course ;)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Monday, hit the shops

Today is shopping day.

There are many things I would rather do than go shopping.

But there are a few things I like about it;

1. Riding on the escalator, and counting down to jumping off the escalator
2. Riding in the Wiggle Car/Bob the Builder tractor/Thomas Train
3. Rearranging the groceries from one compartment of the trolley to the other
4. Putting the groceries on the conveyer belt at the check-out.

The things I don't like include;

1. Having to sit in the little chair in the trolley
2. Having to hold mum's hand in the carpark
3. Having to hold mum's hand on the escalator
4. Not being allowed to keep the things I manage to pull from the shelves

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Poo in the loo

Mum and dad thought I was doing a bit of stalling before my daytime sleep when I asked to go to the toilet.

But I wasn't.

And I proved it by doing my first poo in the loo!

There was much celebration.

If the neighbours were in their garage, which is right outside our loo, they would have been treated to quite a show. Hoots and hollers and all-round high fives!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

...with a mandarin in his hand

Grandad popped me on the scales today and told mum, 'he weighs 13.1 kilograms, with a mandarin in his hand'

I'm all for accuracy, but there's no way I'm putting down a good piece of fruit, even if it gets in the way of a weigh-in!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Working the room

We went to a family reunion today. Lots of mum's relatives were there.

Mostly oldies*.

Despite the fact I was the only person under 20 there, I spent the afternoon 'chatting' to the old blokes, and getting lots of compliments about my exemplary behaviour.

I had a late sleep, and it was only short, so by the time we picked up dad from work I was not displaying my exemplary behaviour at all!

*Mum has requested that I clarify 'oldies'. Fifty-ish. I'm two, so any one older than 10 is old!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tent city

Mum found something very cool at the shops today.

A tent.

A tent with Thomas trains printed all over it.

A tent I spent quite a bit of time in this afternoon.

It's only little, and it's definately an inside-only tent, but it's just the right size for me and a few blocks, and a couple of cars, and a book or two.

They say every man needs a cave, and now I've got one.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Figuring out pedals

Mum and I had a great day today.

We went to the park and ran between trees.

There's lots and lots of leaves on the ground and I had fun trying to stomp on them all!

After the park we went to the shops to grab some stuff for mum. Now, that doesn't sound too exciting, but mum let me ride my trike! I almost got the hang of the pedals, and got lots of smiles from all the people we saw. I even rode my bike into the chemist! Well, little kids get to go in their prams, so why not my little trike?

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Every rose has a thorn

I got 'bitten' by a rose bush today.

I was being a bit naughty on our return from the park, and ran away from mum as we walked into the driveway. I don't often run around in the front yard because that's where the roses are, and they are there because I run around in the backyard. But for a reason known only to myself I decided to walk, not on the path between the two rose beds, but in the garden bed itself!

Mum extracted me before any damage was done, but later on when I was getting ready for my bath mum found a little scratch on my arm. She explained that it was from the roses and that I really can't be running around near them.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Cool moon

Mum and I went outside to get the washing off the line this afternoon. Because it's winter it's getting dark early, and when I looked in the sky I noticed a very shiny thing.

"oooh, ooooh" I said, pointing upwards.

"That's the moon" said mum.

"Cool moon" I replied.

We watched the moon for a while and then came inside.

Dad got home from work and mum told him about the astronomy lesson. He picked me up and we headed outside for another look. He pointed out some stars, but it was the moon that captured my attention.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Another second birthday party

We went to a birthday party this afternoon. Olive's!

They had lollies and chips and soft drink, and best of all, cake!

Mum and dad were careful I didn't crash the blowing out of the candles, but they needn't have worried, I stood back and watched the whole show, and clapped when everyone sang 'happy birthday'.

It took me a while to get to sleep last night which may be related to my intake of lollies and chips and soft drink!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Running solo

It was cold and a little bit wet today.

Dad and I decided to brave the elements for a quick run outside. I wore my raincoat.

I wanted company today, and grizzled whenever mum or dad did their jobs, but I did enjoy trying to help them install some smoke alarms.

I found my groove after my daytime sleep.

Before tea, while dad was on the computer and mum was getting dinner organised, I spent about half an hour arranging and rearranging my crayons on the coffee table.

After dinner, I ran. All by myself. Usually I prefer someone to run with me, usually in front, so I can chase them.

But tonight I'd stand at the wall, yell "RUN!" and then run to the table. Then I'd turn around, yell "RUN!" and run back.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Shower? Check!

I have finally conquered my fear of the shower.

I didn't have a bath last night so this morning, mum asked me if I'd like to have a shower.

I replied with an enthusiastic 'okay!'

Mum still wasn't convinced because in the past I've always been quite enthusiastic until it comes to the moment of actually getting into the shower.

But this morning, I was ready.

Mum kept my socks on so I wouldn't slip over, and I had a great time getting all wet.

In fact, even after she turned off the water and told me it was time to get out, I still wanted to stay in.

We think we might give baths a miss for the next little while and stick with showers.

Thursday, 25 June 2009


I discovered my pockets today.

They're great for putting things in.

My things.

It started when mum put a tissue in my pocket. And then I realised I could put cool things in there.

Like cars. And fridge magnets.

And little rocks and twigs from the backyard.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Last swim for winter

I might be noisy and a bit crazy some of the time, but I can be a very sensitive little boy when the situation calls for it.

Today, my swimming teacher was very sad during our lesson. Mum whispered to me that, if I got the chance, it might be a good idea to give Brooke a little kiss or a cuddle. About five minutes later, when it was my turn to swim with Brooke, I put my arms around her neck and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. Then, during my second turn, I gave her another big cuddle. Mum was very proud of me and Brooke got a bit teary when she hugged me back, but it also cheered her up.

Another important thing to mention about swimming today is that I did the best kicking I've ever done. Mum thinks I've finally realised that kicking makes big splashes and splashing is a very fun thing for me. And at the end of the lesson, I not only ran across the mat, I sang a song while I did it. Everyone laughed.

That's it for swimming lessons for me for a whole term. We think it's too cold to swim in winter.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Harvey, run?

Today was the last playgroup day before the holidays.

I'll miss the kids.

This morning when mum said it was time to put my shoes on to go to playgroup, I jumped up and said 'kids?' When mum said yes, we'd see the kids, I put my hands in the air and yelled 'yay'!

We played with bubbles at playgroup today. I ran around and jumped up and down to catch them. Then I decided I would like to run around. But no one else was running around and I didn't want to do it by myself. So I went up to Harvey and said, 'Harvey, run?' He said ok and we started running around. Pretty soon all the kids were joining in and we had some races.

I love running around.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Catch teddy

Grandma and I made up a really cool game today. We called it 'catch teddy' and we played by throwing a teddy back and forth to each other.

I had a great time and it kept me entertained for more than half an hour. I kept calling the teddy 'Minnie' but it wasn't my teddy, Manny, he was at home in my bed.

Grandma told mum I got very good at the game and that by the end I was able to catch the teddy without dropping it.

We also played with playdough today.

I also ate lots of mandarins.

Three, to be exact.

I cried when Grandma wouldn't let me have a fourth. It was rainy today so we didn't get to go and visit Nana or go to the park, even though I reminded Grandma about both, several times.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

My own grace

I said Grace today, all by myself. First at breakfast.

I put my hands together, squeezed my eyes shut and prayed.

Mum and dad weren't quite sure what I was saying, but they recognised the emphatic 'amen' at the end.

Then at dinner at Grandma and Grandad's, I said Grace again. This time I mentioned 'God' as well as the amen at the end.

We went to Grandma and Grandad's church today. They don't have Tiny Treasures. They have Cubby House instead. It's much the same thing. Mum told dad it was exactly the same, in the sense that when she came to get me I was still in the lap of the person she had left me with in the beginning.

Today we also went to Andy and Wendy's house for lunch. Max the dog had been banished from the house for having wet feet. I had to say my hellos through the glass door. But I was very happy to sit up at the table with the grown-up's, without my booster seat, and with a proper knife and fork and cup. I felt very grown-up. And the highlight of the afternoon was playing Guitar Hero. Andy played the bass, dad played the guitar and I played the drums. (The drums were'nt plugged in, but I wasn't to know)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Birthday shopping

It's dad's birthday today.

Our plan was to go to the beach and do a spot of shopping in the Big Smoke.

The traffic was bad, but I was a pretty good little traveller, and we met up with aunty Lyndall at the shops. We had some donuts, and I scored a new pullover jumper and a couple of T-shirts.

We eventually got to the beach, and found that all the wild weather they've been having had washed a lot of the sand away - there wasn't much beach left to stroll on, and I wasn't really in the mood for getting sandy feet. I walked around on the balls of my feet to keep the sand off!

After that we had some fish and chips and drove home.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Orange is the new banana

(which was the new strawberry)

Ever since I first got into solids, I loved eating fruit.

My first favourite fruits were strawberries and kiwi fruit.

Then I moved onto grapes.

And then bananas.

At Grandma's I eat lots of mandarins.

And at home now, my favourite fruit is a naval orange.

In fact, when mum gave me a choice between a bikkie and an orange, I chose the orange!

And I may have eaten more than one today...

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Trucks and percussion

Dad and I had a big long visit to the park.

On our way there we had to wait for the traffic. There were lots of trucks. Dad thought it was the perfect opportunity to teach me the international sign for getting truck drivers to blow their horn.

We sat at the side of the road doing the 'beepbeep' sign (as I called it) until one truckie obliged. Dad was so excited he gave me a high five, and congratulated the both of us for such cleverness.

When we got home I had a big ong sleep and woke up to find mum in the kitchen.

she set me up with a couple of pots and spoons and was very impressed with my percussion skills. I'd hit the pots twice, then I'd hit the spoons together. I kept this beat going for quite some time.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Diving in

Today was back-to-swimming day.

I've missed the last four weeks because of an ear infection and a cold and (I suspect) mum's reluctance to get cold and wet in the middle of winter.

Mum was a bit worried about how I would go, since I haven't liked my baths for a couple weeks.

I was a bit clingy at first and didn't want to put my head under the water. I deliberately threw my ball only a little way in front of me so I wouldn't have to swim far to get it. But I finally warmed up, just in time for the mat.

Fortunately I seemed to forget my usual 'trick' of crawling across the mat because, this time, for the first time, I ran!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Looking hot, but not the good kind of hot

Everyone thought I was a bit sick today at playgroup.

I was grumpy because I wanted to play outside on the slide.

But I was also a bit hot.

The other mums told my mum I was probably coming down with something.

But mum reckons it was probably me just being worn out from having a big weekend, because I perked up later in the day, and didn't show any more signs of being sick.

I slept for a couple of hours and then we went to the shops.

I love the shops because I have become a little bit obsessed with the Wiggles car ride outside Coles. Mum can always bribe me to go shopping, by telling me that I'll get to have a ride. And she doesn't even put any money in!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Playdough and Dabba

Mum and Dad drove the southern visitors (Uncle David, Aunty Lisa and Oliver) back to the airport today.

And then they spent the day shopping.

Without me.

I didn't care because I got to spend the day with Grandma. As usual, I watched 'Dabba' and then did some washing up. And then Grandma made me some playdough! I thought that was great fun. By the time Mum and Dad came to pick me up, there was playdough all over the kitchen floor, in the carpet and all over me!

Sunday, 14 June 2009


My normal Sunday routine; go to church, go to Tiny Treasures, run around with the other kids after church, fall asleep exhausted as soon as we get home.

Today I followed the routine to the letter.

I had amuch harde rtime going to sleep tonight. Mum decided to leave half way through my bedtime routine (to go to the radio station) and I didn't like it. Two hours, and a good deal of whinging later, mum came back home and I finally went to sleep.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Egg cartons and fancy duds

I spent a good of the morning fascinated by an egg carton. It only makes sense, I love eggs. A lot!

Tonight was uncle Michael's 21st birthday party. I wore my spiffy new jacket. I got lots of comments about how smart I looked.

The party was at grandma and grandad's house, so I made myself at home and had a wonderful time talking to all th epeople and playing with the kids. I ended up staying up quite late, which may have had something to do with the soft drink and the chocolate cake!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Little apprentice

It was excitement central at LLR HQ today because we got all our lights and switches changed.

That meant electricians with drills and toolbelts and ladders. And that meant I was set to be a little apprentice all day.

I may have gotten in the road every now and then, but the two workmen were very nice to me, and even showed me what they were doing, from a safe distance!

I spent quite a bit of time sitting on the bottom rung of the ladder, while they were up changing ceiling lights.

I love being part of the action, especially when there's cool jobs to do!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Three kinds of drink

There are only three types of drink in the world.

Water, Milk and Juice.

Or, as I like to say 'war-daaar' 'mmmmm' and 'joo'.

If it's not water or milk, I call it juice.

Yep, I'm here to make things simple.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I remember Chewie!

Dad and I were playing in my room when he found the plush Star wars toys he bought me a little while back.

At the time he told all their names and we had a play, but that was quite a while ago.

So he was surprised, and very impressed, when I shouted 'Bacca!' when he held up Chewbacca. I also knew which one was the Ewok.

Unfortunately I thought R2D2 was a stormtrooper. In my defense, they are both white, and scaled to the same size, so it's an easy mistake to make.

Anyway, dad says my Star Wars knowledge is pretty good for a little fella.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


When it's time to go to bed I get to choose who will turn off the light.

It's usually been a different stuffed toy for the past few months.

Dad will hold up the toy's arm close to the light switch and turn the light off, much to my delight.

Of all the toys who turned the light off my two favourites were Mannie and 'dabba' (that's what I call Brobee, because he's from the Yo Gabba Gabba TV show).

But my new favourite light turner-offerer is dad's crazy hand. Or as I like to say, 'ung'.

He wiggles his finger and I laugh and laugh, as it gets closer to the switch I get quite excited. He's been called in the last few nights for this special job, and it makes him laugh too.

Monday, 8 June 2009

I love Irene

I love Irene.

Whenever the mood takes me, I point to the freezer and ask for 'Irene'.

That's what I call ice-cream.

I only discovered it recently.

It is wonderful.

Mum isn't too fussed on me eating ice-cream because she says it's impossible for me to eat it without making a big mess. And we happen to have chocolate ice-cream at the moment.

But I'm happy to take that risk.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Three words

I've been trying all kinds of words lately, but today's game of repetition made everyone laugh.

Dad: "I'"
Me: "I"
Dad: "Love"
Me: "Mummy!"

That preemptive strike earned me big hugs from mum, and whenever we 'play' that game I'll always skip the "love" and go straight to "mummy".

Saturday, 6 June 2009


Dad and I had a conversation about transportation today.

"Can you say car?" he asked.

"Car" I replied.




"BIKE!!" I love bikes!







Yep, planes are cars, but helicopters are copters, that's the way it is.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Time out

I had my first experience of Time Out today.

I'm not talknig about the yummy chocolate bar. I'm talking about being sent to a place when I'm naughty and having to stay there.

I didn't like it.

We had kids over to play and I got a little bit rowdy. Mum told me about Time Out but I kept being rowdy, and so I had to go.

Now, my Time Out place was my room. It's full of fun things. But I did not want to be in my room while all the fun was happening in other rooms.

I eventually cooled down, but I'm keen to not have to go to Time Out again.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


I was in the middle of my bath tonight when dad said it was time to wash my hair. I shook my head, and cried a bit. I don't really like my hair being washed at the moment.

He said 'what would you like?' and I said "ower!"

That's what I call the shower.

So we let the water out of the bath and hopped into the shower, but as soon as the water hit me I started crying.

And then wailing.

It could possibly be the shortest shower on record!

My hair is still not washed.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Boutique 1 vs Post Office 0

Today we were on a mission to buy a present for Aunty Lisa. Mum didn't want to fight the crowds at the main shopping centre, so decided we'd head for the boutique shops in the main street.

That's a bit brave. Small people like me don't really belong in shops like that. But I surprised everyone by being very good. I didn't let go of mum's hand, I didn't touch anything, and I smiled and spoke nicely to all the shop people who fawned all over me and told me what a good boy I was.

We found a present and then it was time to go to the post office. And that's where I left behind the good-little-boy act. I ran off with the parcel and refused to give it back. Mum wasn't very impressed. But she decided to forgive me and let me have a ride in the Wiggles Big Red Car and the ABC Kids van. I chatted about the Wiggles all the way back to the car. I love them.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Peer Pressure

I went to play with my friends Harvey and Olive for a few hours this morning while mum went to uni to do a bit of work. I had a great time. We played 'rock band'. That's where we each have a guitar and pretend we're in a band. I did lots of jumping around. Then it was time for morning tea.

Mum had warned Harvey and Olive's mum that I like to eat all my food with a spoon or fork so when I asked for one to eat my pikelet, she wasn't surprised. But she was surprised that my friends also insisted on a fork. So we all sat up at the table eating pikelets with cutlery!

Monday, 1 June 2009

This Way!

Hanging out with Grandma was a bit different today. Usually on a Monday we'll go to visit Nana and we'll also go to the park to play on the slide and I'll spend some time chasing/feeding ducks.

But today Grandma had a sore back so we didn't get to do any of those things, even though I kept suggesting them. Then Grandma put my shoes on and I got a bit excited about what that might mean. We walked out the front to collect the mail and when I saw that that was as far as Grandma was planning to go, I pulled on her hand and said, "this way!" But I wasn't too disappointed when we had to go back inside, because I got to watch lots of Veggie Tales and I love Bob and Larry very much.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Washing up

I love washing up.

Well, I love standing on a chair at the sink and playing with the suds and the spoons - and the fact they get clean is just a bonus.

Dad set me up with all my plastic* cutlery today and I had a ball.

*He's keen to point out no breakables were anywhere near the sink.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Bubbles, balloons and blocks

I spent the day doing a little bit of washing up, a big bit of playing with a red balloon, and building my most impressive block tower ever.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Boiling eggs!

Eggs are my current favourite food. Helping mum cook is also my new favourite past time. combining the two is wonderful.

Mum strssed the importance of being 'very careful' with the raw eggs. I dropped it a bit hard into the saucepan, and it cracked, but we soldiered on...

My cries to stir the egg on the hotplate were met with a firm 'no'. Mum says hotplates are no place for little men like me, but I was allowed to do the washing up. Me and my plastic knives and forks had a great time with all the bubbles.

Thursday, 28 May 2009


I went down the slippery dip all by myself today.

This is a big deal.

Gone are the hand-holds and the foot-pulls - I can do it by myself!

Dad and I went to the park this morning and I sat at the top of the slide for a very long time before I eventually let go and slid down.

Dad was very proud, and I looked at him and said "more?"

It didn't take me long the second time.

Or the third.

Or the fourth.

In fact, we'd probably still be at the park now sliding, if dad hadn't tricked me into running from tree to tree to get home...

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Yours seem to work better than mine

It started with the Wii. I noticed mum was having more success with her controller than I was with mine.

I decided we should swap controllers.

Then it happened when mum and I were using my new golf set. She hit the ball really well and I didn't.

I decided we should swap clubs!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Mini Chef

Since helping mum with scrambled eggs the other day, I've taken a very keen interest in cooking.

When mum announced this afternoon that she was going to start dinner, I immediately got a chair from the dining room and dragged it across to the kitchen table. I suggested we make eggs, but mum said we'd be doing a lamb casserole instead. I climbed up on the table and mashed up tinned tomatoes. I kept stirring while mum added some herbs and spices. When mum tried to do some stirring I said, 'my turn!' I was very helpful. But mum says she'll have to keep a close eye on me now that I know how to reach the bench.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Late sleeper

I woke up late this morning, had a late daytime sleep, and ended up going to bed late after tea.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Scrambled eggs

I made scrambled eggs tonight. Not quite all by myself, but not far from it either.

I've been interested in cooking lately and wanting mum to pick me up so I can see what's going on with the saucepans on the stove. So tonight, she decided to let me help. We cracked some eggs into a bowl and then sat down on the kitchen floor. I stirred the eggs with a fork, then added some milk and salt. I like the salt grinder because it has a button.

Mum thinks there was probably a bit too much salt in our scrambled eggs because I kept pressing that button!

I stood up on a chair and stirred the eggs with a wooden spoon while they cooked on the hotplate. Mum gave me quite a lecture about not touching the hotplate. But I am a great respecter of hot things, so wasn't about to get burnt. I was very enthusiastic about eating my scrambled eggs when they were cooked. Mum is looking forward to the day when I can do more of the cooking!

Saturday, 23 May 2009


I like to count things.

Not quite in the traditional sense. I like to count "two, four, three". Mum has been spending a lot of time counting things. We count the pegs as she takes them off the line and I put them in the basket. And we count my cars and trains. We've also been reading some books with counting in them. But, despite the practice, I would prefer to stick to "two, four, three" than "one, two, three".

Friday, 22 May 2009

Welcome back, friends

After a quiet week at home, it was time for some socialising today. In the morning, we went to Tonya's to play with Sam and Olive and Zara. We all got on quite well, although Olive kept complaining to her mum that I was noisy. She said, "No-No Noisy". At the time, I was banging a plastic hammer on the Bob the Builder workbench as hard as I could, so she was probably right.

We also played outside. Whenever I play outside, the first thing I do is look for something to hit a ball with, and then I look for a ball. It's no different at friends' houses. I found a totem tennis bat and then searched the backyard and found a bouncy ball. I still love to hit balls. Then we had visitors for tea tonight. Anny and Enny. That's what I call Andy and Wendy. I showed them all my new presents. I suggested a game of wii, but the grown-ups just wanted to talk on the couch so when I was bored I told mum it was time for bed. I don't mind going to bed these days and often suggest it even before mum and dad to.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Arm in arm

This week I have been going to bed with Manni (my teddy bear) tucked up under one arm and Brobee (my Yo Gabba Gabba toy) under the other.

Brobee sings a song if you press his hand, but fortunately (for mum and dad) he's got an off switch. I am unaware of this off switch, but the grown ups say it certainly comes in handy.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

No pool, waiting room instead

I was still a bit sniffly and coughing today so mum kept me home from swimming and took me to the doctor's instead.

I like my doctor. He tickles me and makes me laugh. I also like the fish tank in the waiting room. When the doctor came out to get us, I took him over to the tank and showed him the fish and the boat. It turns out I have a middle ear infection. I had a few of those last year. So it's probably just as well I've had a few weeks off swimming.

The doctor also weighed me. I got to stand on electronic scales for the first time. It's much more fun than being stripped naked and made to lie in a plastic tub on a set of baby scales.

I am now 13.9 kilograms.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I've been a bit sick today. That meant we didn't get to go to playgroup and see all my friends. It was also raining which meant we stayed inside all day long. It was a bit boring. We passed the time by watching some of my VeggieTales DVD's. I love them. I love Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. It's about the only thing I'll watch on TV from beginning to end. Mum likes them too but she's getting a bit tired of the same old DVD's. So we're going to get some more. I don't mind. I could watch them over and over and over again. And that's just in one day.

Monday, 18 May 2009

The birthday continues

Three parcels were in the mailbox today. Presents from NSW.

I scored a gardening set from uncle David and aunty Lisa.

A Scrambler bike (from Bob the Builder fame) from the Munros.

And some fancy crayons from uncle Ian and aunty Diana.

Dad says I have enough cool new things to last me until I'm 3!

My runny nose is disappearing, but I've still got a very loud cough. Mum tried to show me how to hold my hand over my mouth when I cough - but I haven't quite got the idea. I cough, and then put my hand over my mouth and do a few 'fake' coughs.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

I rode to the park

I rode my new bike to the park, combining two of my favourite things.

I grizzled each time I had to get off to cross the road, but all in all it was a very successful trip.

After my sleep during the day mum discovered me standing at my desk doing a bit of drawing all by myself. Usually I'll dive out of bed and come looking for the nearest adult for a cuddle, but obviously matters of art took priority today.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Party time, excellent! v2.0

I had a special family lunch celebrating my birthday today.

I'm still a bit sniffly, but I perked up when the people, and the presents, arrived.

I scored a mini cricket set from grandad and grandma G, with a bat, ball and stumps. It's a Grey Nichols set. Dad was impressed.

I got a toy work bench with lots of tools from Aunty Lyndall.

Uncle Mike and Tegan got me a Brobee toy from Yo Gabba Gabba. It makes noises, and sings a song, and is very soft to cuddle. They also gave me soem play-dough and a book called 'ugly fish'.

Nanna got me a golf set (it's the one dad bought the other day).

And grandma and grandad C got me a bike! Yippie!

I could have ridden the bike around the backyard all day. I got sad when it got dark and we had to come inside.

At bedtime I fell asleep with the cricket bat tucked under one arm and the ball under the other arm.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Welcome home grandma and grandad

I was sick today. So was mum. So dad stayed home to look after us. He got us some medicine and after a dose I was feeling better.

Grandma and grandad arrived back in Australia today, and they came straight to our house. I was a bit shy when they first arrived, but after they proved they could be trusted I let them into my room to see my new trains.

Thursday, 14 May 2009


I am two!

Dad woke me up with a "happy birthday" and I replied "cake!"

Mum and dad laughed and realised that I've picked up the correlation between the milestone and the dessert somewhere along the line.

I'm having a party on the weekend, but mum and dad let me open two presents. One from them (a Thomas train set) and one from Mummy B (a cool truck with wheels that roll really well, dad and I took it for a test drive in the hallway tonight).

I'm still a bit sniffly, but didn't let it get me down.

Dad and I went to the shops - he wants to get me a junior golf set because I'm always hitting a ball around the backyard with whatever is available - a stick or a little shovel - and he thinks it's time I had a proper golf club!

And we had to buy a cake.

Dad let me choose. The choice was between a chocolate and banana cake (there was a third choice, a fruit cake, but I looked at it and said 'toast'!).

I chose the banana cake.

I didn't have a daytime sleep because there were loud workmen outside and they kept jackhammering and I didn't want to sleep with all the noise.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Feeling poorly

I woke up during the night with a big case of the sads, sniffles, and a spew.

It was a sniffly day, and mum gave me medicine every six hours, but I tried to be as happy as I could despite having a high temperature.

We didn't go swimming, and I had a lot more cuddles than normal.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

More God

My bedtime routine isn't very exciting, but it's a routine. nd I've started to use all the various parts of the routine as delay tactics.

The other day, just as I was crawling into bed, I tried to get mum to clean my teeth again. This afternoon, I kept asking for 'more God'. The person putting me to bed usually prays with me. I hold my palms together and shut my eyes, and at the end I say an emphatic 'Amen!' But today, instead of going to sleep after the prayer, I asked for 'more God'.

So we prayed again.

"More God"

We prayed some more.

We ended up praying for lots and lots of things before I eventually went to sleep.

Monday, 11 May 2009


I was talking to dad while we were looking at photos on the computer.

We went through all the relatives, and I tried saying their names, with varying degrees of success.

When we got to Mummy B, I said "Bee Bee"!

And that's what I've been calling her all day.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

With a little help from my friends

There's two things I'm getting a bit too much help with these days that have influenced my behaviour;

Holding people's hands going down the slippery dip and insisting mum feeds me with a spoon.

I love spoons, but for some reason have decided other people are better at loading them up than I am, so I've decided to outsource my spoon weilding.

Mum and dad took decisive action at tea and left me with a spoon and a full bowl of food and said 'there you go'. I didn't want to at first, but I think my hungry tummy got the best of me and I picked up the spoon and fed myself.

At the park at lunchtime I climbed up the slippery dip steps all by myself, and sat at the top for ages. Dad encouraged me to slide down, but I wouldn't. I tried to explain the 'rules' to him, but he didn't know what I was going on about...Until grandma showed up and held my hand, and then I happily slid down the slide. Dad laughed, but said I really should learn to slide without a helping hand, but with a catching one down the bottom, but I didn't quite get the hang of it before we came home.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Even shorter hair

Mum took me to a real hairdresser to 'fix' my haircut from two days ago. It wasn't THAT bad...But she thought a professional should have a go.

It's still not too short, and dad didn't think she hairdresser did a good job at all, so he thinks he'll have another go!

Hand ball

Mum caught me throwing a tennis ball up against the wall this morning.

I was doing it with great purpose.

She was very impressed.

I think I was inspired by dad, because when we're out in the yard each afternoon he does a few 'bowls' up against the wall. So when he wasn't here to do it, I did.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Wee Wii!

Mum thinks I'm a little bit too fascinated with the Wii.

I have to admit, it was the first thing I mentioned after my sleep today, and I did pester her with a 'boom blok' chant. 'Boom Blocks' is one of the games we have, and it's a favourite of Gabe's, and he played it the other day when we were baby sitting him. So I've been exposed to the fun of knocking over blocks on the TV, and I want more!

It impressed, and equally worried, mum when I announced "boom blok wee" and marched into the loungeroom, grabbing the controller and looking for all the right cords we needed to get the wii working.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Swimming and shorter hair

Today we went to the pool, but I didn't do much swimming. I was a bit too interested in the other kids and their swimming.

Halfway through the lesson, right as I was meant to be demonstrating my underwater swim from my teacher to mum, I was distracted by the arrival of my old friend Lilly (she was in my class last term). I held up the whole class while I waved and called out to Lilly.

Then it was mat time and, once again, I made a spectacle of crawling across the mat. With lots of encouragement from the other mums and my teacher I finally decided to walk across and got huge cheers. Mum thinks I'm just looking for attention, since I had been walking across the mat quite happily for the past two terms!

Tonight there was more excitement after my bath because mum and dad decided to play hairdressers. With real scissors and my real hair. They tried to give me a classic 'movie kid' bowl cut. It worked, if you look at me from one particular angle. From other angles it looks like we need to call a real hairdresser!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Wiggle time!

I went to see the Wiggles today.

I'm a bit more familiar with the work of Yo Gabba Gabba. But we decided to give the Wiggles a go seeing they are

a) the biggest kid's act in the world, and

b) in my town

Mum was hoping I would like it more than my first concert when I was scared of Colin Buchanan. But I wasn't scared, I was very impressed.

We went with my friends Olive, Harvey and Aanika and sat up high in the theatre with a good view of the stage. There was lots of singing and dancing and acrobatics. Mum thought I would be wanting to dance but I was just too fascinated.

I looked and stared, just like I did at Easterfest. I sometimes laughed and pointed things out to mum.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Here I come!

Dad and I went to the park today.

Two parks, actually.

We had a quick play in the one clse to our house, and since mum gave us some pieces of old bread, we decided to walk to the one with ducks in it.

It's a fair walk, and when we finally saw the ducks dad let go of my hand and let me run toward them.

"Here I come" I shouted!

Dad ripped off bits of bread and I threw them to the ducks. And ibis. Sometimes my throws weren't very big and I 'd bend down and pick up the price of bread and try again. After one little throw an ibis rushed in and grabbed the bread from close to my feet. I had decided that particular peice of bread needed to be thrown further and so I took off after the ibis yelling "mine, mine" - just like the birds in 'Finding Nemo'...

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Park and play

We went to the park this afternoon after church.

The bigger kids were playing cricket and I did a bit of fielding. I'm not really ready to bowl in public yet. But I did have a bat, and dad helped me by standing behind me and holding onto the bat - we had some really big shots, and each time we hit the ball I'd look up at dad with a big grin.

He said we'll play lots more cricket.

Saturday, 2 May 2009


We went to the rose show this morning.

Dad was there to exhibit roses and give a talk, I was there to hang out!

At morning tea time I decided to try out my new trick of saying "cheers" and clinking my sippy cup against whatever the person sitting next to me is drinking out of. In this case it was a cup of tea in a styrofoam cup.

I don't just do one 'cheers' like grown ups. I'll 'cheers' before every sip!

Dad hoped the cheers didn't move from the funny novelty 'ah, isn't he cute' category to the annoying 'get that kid away from my cup of tea' category - but everyone kept laughing when I announced my 'cheers' until mum announced it was time to go home.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Pushing Manni

I'm enjoying playing with my little red fire engine.

I especially like being pushed, but if no one will push me, I'll drive myself. but today I decided to do the pushing, and gave Manni a ride!

Mum had tostrap him in, becasue he kept falling off the seat, but after a quick seatbelt creation, made from the stuff that holds my booster chair to the dining chairs, we were ready for launch. We ran up and down the hallway for ages.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Quick, go to sleep

Dad and I had a few adventures today.

We went to the park to play with Ben and Claire. I ran around chasing balls ehile dad and Ben kicked a footy to each other. Sometimes they'd kick it to me.

I had a really big sleep after all that running around.

Tonight, mum went out for her weekly walk and dad and I were supposed to go to ved. We didn't. We stayed up and played Wii! We may have lost track of the time, and when dad saw the headlights of the car in the driveway he grabbed me, turned the TV off and ran to my room.

He whispered, 'quick, go to sleep' a few times. We dived into bed and lay as still as we could. Dad was worried I wouldn't understand the importance of being still and quiet, but I din't make a sound, and actually fell asleep pretty quickly. He was relieved.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bike Hat

I've been spending more time riding my firetruck lately.

I'm getting really good at manouvering it around the house, and around all the obstacles I encounter on my missions.

After running on my steam, I often try to convince a grown-up to give me a push. When mum got tired of pushing me today, she said "Ok, now it's your turn". So I got off, grabbed Mum's hand and tried to make her sit down while I pushed her.

Apparently, that's not what she meant.

So we found a solution. Mum went and got my teddy, Manny, and strapped him onto my truck and then I spent ages giving Manny rides up and down the hallway.

Then this afternoon Mum was hanging out some washing in the garage. I followed her in and found a bike helmet. I pointed at it and said, "bike hat". Mum was impressed because she and dad have never shown it to me. I picked it up, took it out to the kitchen and popped it on Manny's head. Then it was back to whizzing up and down the hallway...but with head protection this time.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Patting babies and being dogs

We had a few sets of visitors today. In the morning Ben came over with Claire. She's bigger than me and we have different ideas on how to build block towers. Claire likes to build them up and I like to knock them down. That caused a few problems but mostly we got on well.

Then we all went off to Playgroup. I had a great time with Olive. First, we spent some time 'patting' one of the little babies. We were very gentle. Then we pretented to be dogs, crawling around the floor saying 'woof woof'.

Tonight Nick and Rebecca came over for dinner. I showed Becky my room and we drew some pictures. After tea we played Wii. I didn't get to use a controller but I still pretended! Mum and Dad let me stay up late since I was being a good boy and not grizzling at all.

Monday, 27 April 2009

It's getting dark too early

Today Mum went to work and I went to play at Grandma's. We had our usual trip to the park but, unusually, I had no time for the slippery dip.

I did have time for ducks, though.

I impressed Grandma very much by sleeping for almost three hours! Later Mum came to collect me and we went shopping. I wanted to sit in the back of the trolley but I was being a bit naughty so Mum made me sit in the little seat.

When Dad got home from work we had a run around in the backyard. It could be one of our last 'after work run around the yard' times because winter is coming, and it's getting cold and dark a lot earlier than it had been.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

I wanna hold your hand

I had a great game of peek-a-boo with Olive at Church today. I'm big enough to run around after the service with the other kids.

When it was time to go, Olive didn't want to come so I grabbed her hand so she would walk with me. Everyone thinks it's cute when we hold hands.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Shipped out

Mum and dad had to do a lot of garden work today, so I got packed off to Grandma and Grandad's place.

My favourite things to do at grandma's place include waving at Fender the dog through the glass door, going to the Pirate Ship park, climbing up and down the stairs, but the best thing is what's known as 'Noah's Drawer'.

Noah's Drawer is the bottom drawer in the kitchen full of things I'm allowed to play with. Safe kitchen utensils and pots and stuff like that. Most of them are either great for drumming or for hitting balls with!

Friday, 24 April 2009

That seventies outfit

I've got some new skivvies.

Teamed up with my long hair and brown 'bumpy' pants dad reckons I look like I've stepped out of the 1970s. He says that's not uncool, cause that's where he stepped out from!

Thursday, 23 April 2009


I tried to eat all my food with a spoon today.

It was fine with my yoghurt, but a little bit hard with biscuits!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Water fun

We dived back into the pool today.

More lessons.

More songs.

And more crawling across the 'walking' mat.

All the other kids walk across the mat. I'm different. The mums and the teacher, and my mum all encourgae me to stand up and walk across the mat, but I get such a reaction to the crawl that I keep doing it!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


My mission today was to introduce myself to everyone I met.

I'd point at my tummy and say "no-no".

I did this to strangers and friends alike.

Monday, 20 April 2009

To school

Mum went to work today and, because Grandma is away at the moment, Dad stayed home with me instead. He's still a bit sick but he thinks it's very nice how I seem to understand when the person is looking after me is sick, and act accordingly.

So I just played quietly and was a very good boy.

Today's fun began when Dad went to work and Mum took over looking after me. We went to the school where I am going to go to kindy so that mum could hand in my kindy enrolment forms. After we visited the office (which wasn't very exciting) we walked past the playground (which was). Mum decided to let me have a little play since school was over for the day. I had a great time. We ran into some friends and, even though I'd met them before, I introduced myself. I do that a lot lately. One of our friends is a year one teacher and she let me play in the classroom!

Sunday, 19 April 2009


I spent most of the day with mum, because dad's got a bit of a cold, and he doesn't want me to get it.

So apart from trying to hang out with dad, and being dragged away each time, I spent a good deal of time saying my favourite new word, 'okay'. Which mum and dad say is a lot better than hearing 'no'!

Saturday, 18 April 2009


I'm at the stage where I like to pretend I'm doing things.

I love to 'vacuum' while mum has the vacuum cleaner. I'll use anything that remotely looks like the vacuum handle. Sometimes if I get the chance, I'll actually grab the real vacuum and use it for real!

But mum and dad laughed at my latest 'pretend'. Sometimes when they tell me it's time for sleep I'll quickly put my head down and curl up, as if I really am asleep. And then I do the sleeping sound effects. What sound effects? You ask. A big snoring sound. Mum says I'm imitating dad, and dad thinks my late night visits to the big bed will have to stop if I keep learning that sort of behaviour!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Come one, come all

We had houseguests today. The kind I like the best. Ones that are my age!

Olive and Harvey came to play while their mum was at work. I was very excited.

Harvey and I played with my guitar. I shared it with him, and I even nodded politely when he showed me how to use it.

Olive and I did our usual trick of sharing drinks and getting into harmless mischief.

We played and played, and when it was time for a sleep I didn't stay down for very long - I think I wanted to keep playing.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

New sheets

I got some new sheets for my bed today.

They're flannel with cars and trucks and planes and helicopters on them.

At storytime tonight I'd turn from the book to my sheets and point out the different modes of transport.

I can say 'car' 'bike' and 'copter'. But not 'plane'. Planes are 'copters' for them moment! Or 'air-cars'!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Under the table

When I don't want to do what mum or dad wants me to do (which can be quite often!) I like to go to my special 'protest place'.

Under the kitchen table.

If I'm super annoyed I'll lie down on my tummy while under the table.

During one of my table visits today, dad bent down and crawled under the table. I didn't know what to make of it, and I started laughing. He laughed too. And then he extracted me from the 'protest place' and put me in the bath.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Last night I said 'mummy' for the first time.

Sure, I've said 'mum' for a long time, but mum longed to hear 'mummy'. I've said 'daddy' for ages, but for some reason I've never said 'mummy'.

Well, that all changed last night when I casually let it slip. Mum nearly leaped for joy. i think she had a bit of a tear in her eye too.

I noticed that it was special, becasue all day today I've been saying 'mummy' and then giggling and smiling. Mum giggled and smiled too.

Monday, 13 April 2009


I slept in until 7:30, and was still a bit tired all day after last night's shenanigans.

I made Aunty Lyndall 'run' all over the house with me.

She bought me some nice new books. And we had some lovely story times.

Dad and I played guitars tonight. First with my top Gibson guitar, and then with his real guitar. I love it when he plays his guitar. And he loves to play it for me. Even when I get a bit carried away and start to strum on the strings.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed, and I did some 'drumming' on the blankets. I yell 'RUM!' when I play my 'drums'.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

The longest day

Today could have been my longest day ever.

We went to church in the morning and the most memorable thing that happened was when I gave my friend Olive a big hug and we toppled over onto the ground!

Then we went to grandma and grandad's house for morning tea and lunch.

We went home for a sleep after that and then to the park for a bit of a run around.

I mastered the slippery dip, and had a lot of rides until mum's arms got sore from lifting me up to the top (there's no steps on the slippery dip - just a climbing rop, and I'm a bit too small for climbing ropes)

Then we went out to Easterfest for some evening concerts. We sat in the front row in the cafe, and I waved at lots of people walking past. I danced a bit in the aisles, and got lots of smiles. And I had lots of juice. I didn't get sleepy. I kept rockin' and talking and dancing until it got really late!

We went home. It was almost midnight. I looked at mum when we walked in the door and asked to watch some TV!

She told me that all good boys and girls went to bed five hours ago, and that I should have been asleep, and so I went to bed.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Rockin' with Grandma

The festival is going strong.
But so is the rain.
So mum packed me off to see grandma while she and dad went to some concerts in the rain. See, they're not totally irresponsible!

I did get to spend a bit of time in the media and artist area, and I wore my 'Church Punk' shirt!
I met the daughter of the Compliments of Gus keyboard player. She's about the same size as me, but I still called her a "babeeee".

Someone gave me a balloon on a stick and it kept me entertained for a long time in the big tent.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Rockin' with Audio Adrenaline

I love rockin'!

And the rock came to our town with Easterfest, a big festival in the park.

Today, dad was doing interviews backstage and mum and I came for a visit. I was in my skull and cross bone shirt and my skinny black jeans and my Chucks - I looked the part! Oh, and I brought my guitar with me too!

During the press conference the guys in Audio Adrenaline said hello to me and invited me up onto the stage. I was a bit shy, but I eventually gave Will the bass player a high-five.

They signed my guitar.

They got whisked away pretty quicly after that, so the only picture I have of our meeting is the one below, where I'm not doing one of my best smiles. Good thing Tyler is smiling for the both of us!

Later on we went and watched some bands play. I wore my trusty ear muffs to protect my ears. Dad took me down the front and I just stared at the lights and the bands on stage. Dad said it was amazing that I sat still for such a long time. Mum had me on her shoulders down the front for Audio Adrenaline's concert. I finally ended up in the pram but insisted I watch until the very moment my eyes finally shut - just in time for the encore.

My life in pictures