Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Body art

They were painting on TV this morning.

I came in to see mum and said 'No-no paint too!"

So mum got the paints out and set me up at my blue table.

Once I finished with the paper I moved onto my arms and legs and face!

(un)Fortunately it was washed off easily...

Thursday, 24 September 2009


We went to a concert today. Colin Buchanan came to town. He visited last year. I got scared back then, but I'm a year older and wiser now.

I enjoyed the show, but still didn't do much dancing around.

I left the dancing for when we got home with a new CD. Mum put it on and I did a few groovy moves. and even asked her to replay a song I took a shine to again.

And again.

And again.

It has a bit in it that goes 'wikky wikky woo'. And I love it!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The tale of two cars


Scene; Boy stands next to red couch in family room holding a Red VW Beetle and a Black London Taxi.

Both cars drive up and down the armrest of the couch.

Red Beetle: "Come back!"
Black Taxi: "Do Ray" (Go Away)
Red Beetle: "Big Smack!"

Red Beetle crashes into Black Taxi

Boy kisses Black Taxi better.

Monday, 21 September 2009

PJ x2

I scored some new PJs today.

Two pairs!

My summer bedtime wear from last year is so 2008, and so small that my little tummy pokes out between the bottom of the shirt and top of the pants.

So mum and I went to the big family department store (the one she used to work at) and discovered some pyjamas on sale!

There's a set with two monkeys playing computer games! I yelled out "Ooh ooh, ah ah" That's what monkeys say.

The other set is my NRL footy team colours. The Gold Coast Titans! It has a little white collar, and looks like I'm ready to take the field.

The field of dreams, at least...

Friday, 11 September 2009

Reading chair

Mum and I did some building tody. Well, mum did the building, and I did the playing.

We've had a rocking chair in the garage for about a year, and we decided it was a good day to use it.

I grabbed a few random tools and pretended to 'put together' my bed.

That was pretty fun, but there was much more excitement to come. You see, the bits of chair came in a big brown cardboard box. It's more than a metre long and almost a metre wide and about 15 centimetres deep. Can't you just imagine what a great boat it made?

I spent a happy hour or so sitting in my 'boat' colouring it in with my crayons.

And then, we got to use the chair! For stories! What fun!

Monday, 7 September 2009

The money issue

Grandad gave me a money box today. With money in it!

I'm a little familiar with money, especially coins. In fact I'm pretty sure the only type of money is the coin variety. I found a fifty cent piece under dad's side of the bed and presented him with it bright and early one morning.

Money was on my mind all day.

When we went to the post office I had a ride in the Noddy car, but this time I held out my hand to mum and asked for some 'moneeey'. Mum said no.

Then we went to the grocery store, and I asked for some 'moneeey' to put in the guide dog (you know, those big yellow plastic dogs they have collecting money).

Then mum gave me a $2 coin to pay for some chocolate milk. I handed it over to the cashier and gave a big 'TA' when she gave me the milk!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Park explorer

After a big run around at church, we went to the park for lunch. It's father's day, so dad and grandad were the guests of honour. Mum and I didn't get dad anything as a present (we don't really do father's day presents) but mum did whisper something about getting the new Playstation 3 later in the year. Dad said this would be good for both us boys!

Anyway, at the park I didn't want to sit at the table and eat the fish and chips mum bought me. I wanted to run around.

So I just took off towards the center of the park where all the flowers are blooming. Dad followed me, and we went for a huge walk.

We finally got back to the picnic table where grandma let me have half of her Subway 'sub'. I called it a 'burg', because it looked a little bit like a hamburger.

After a few bites of the 'burg' I insisted grandad and I go for a walk.

We were gone for ages, and returned with a pine cone and a big leaf.

By that stage I was pretty tired, and we decided to go home, where I was supposed to have a big sleep. But I woke up with a loud case of the coughs instead. Nevermind, my big sleep came a few hours later when I crashed after tea.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Duck Peter

I have a T shirt with a duck wearing a Darth Vader helmet on it. It says 'Duck Vader'.

Dad likes it, because it's cute, and it has a Star Wars connection.

This may be the reason that when I see Darth Vader (and in our household coming across Star wars related things is not that hard) I get the Darth and the Duck mixed up.

But it's the way I say 'Vader' that has dad a little perplexed.

I say 'Peter'.

Dad's name is Peter.

So when I say 'Darth Vader' it comes out as 'Duck Peter'.

Doesn't sound like a scary movie villain at all...

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