Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Haircut - beta version

Mum and I went to the hairdresser today. Her hair had been hanging in her eyes, so decided it was time for a quick trim. I sat in the pram, quite interested with all the goings on.

When mum was finished she noticed that my hair had been hanging in my eyes, so decided it was time for a quick trim. I sat on mum's lap, the hairdresser put a cape on me, which quickly found its way to my mouth! A couple of seconds later my fringe was a lot shorter.

All my hair growing effort has been at the front. All the other bits have stayed rather short. It's slowly getting darker, and I've still got my 'Friar Tuck' at the back. For th past month or so mum and dad have been combing my fringe over, parting it on the side, but it sometimes looked a bit too much like an old bloke's comb-over. And seeing I'm not yet six months, there's better ways to wear your hair!

Dad says that because it was just a bit off the fringe, it wasn't a proper haircut. More like a pre-haircut. A beta version!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Get in my tummy!

I’ve developed a bit of a habit of needing to touch whatever the closest adult is holding.

If mum has it in her hand I want it in my mouth! Not all the time, sometimes it’s just enough for me to pat it with my hand. But I usually try to get it in my mouth.

Mum grabbed a can of deodorant, put it on the table, and the next thing it was in my mouth!

Fortunately the lid was on, or the fifth thing I would have ever tasted (behind milk, Mylanta, baby panadol, and the rotavirus vaccine) would have been rather yukky! Gosh, apart from the milk, that’s not a very yummy looking list at all is it?

It's not long until I'm going to start on solids. 'Solids' is a bit misleading. 'Mashed to kingdom come' is a bit closer to the mark. Mum told dad we'd probably start with more veggies than fruit, because she read once kiddies get a taste for sweet things they don't want anything else. But there's always exceptions to the rule, and most little people we've come across have quirky eating habits and tastes.

Monday, 29 October 2007

A night out

Mum and dad went out for dinner tonight. A fancy dinner. Without me!

It's the first time they've had a dinner since I was born, and seeing it was mum's birthday, a fitting occassion to dump me with grandma and grandad and uncle Michael. 'Dump' really isn't the appropriate word, we all had a great time. Mum and dad had a good time too. They finished their meal quicker than they expected, and even though they had a chance to go for a nice stroll after their dinner, they both wanted to get back home to see me. How nice.

They had some birthday cake, and when no one was looking dad let me lean in and shove my hand in the icing! Mum quickly grabbed my hand before I could get it in my mouth, and she licked the chocolate icing off, much to my delight - I think it tickled!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

How to impress mum and dad at church

New town. New church.

Apart from my very first trip, we've always been quite confortable as a family heading off to church. I've bee pretty relaxed, and apart from the odd well timed 'laaaaa', usually during a quiet prayer time, or just when the preacher pauses for dramatic effect, I've been a model citizen.

Today I gave the perfect example of how a baby should behave.

I was cute, quiet, and didn't get fidgity until the very end of the service.

Mum and dad were prepared. They did a 'rekky' - charting the best course from our seat (in the back corner) for the creche and figuring out where the closest exits were for a quick, and silent getaway. But we didn't need any of that. I actually fell asleep in mum's arms during the sermon. It's a habit mum and dad hope I keep up. Not sleeping in the sermon, but in mum's arms - especially without a feed-song-rocking-patting routine. Praise the Lord!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Rumbly Butt and the clothesline adventure

I had a rumbly bottom today. I don’t know if it was something I ate. I mean, I only eat one thing. So maybe it was something mum ate! We haven’t had pizza for a while, I think we all know how that one went. But our diet hasn’t changed that much recently. After the first couple of farts dad laughed, but after a while, even he thought of fitting some sort of muffler to my nappy.

Sometimes they’re SBDs - but even then I can’t hide them, especially if someone’s holding me - a telltale noise from my duds will give the game away. And there’s no dog in our household to blame!

Mum made the 'mistake' of laughing a bit too much after I did one, and I seemed to cotton on, so the next time I let one rip I gave out a little laugh. That made her laugh even more. It's obviously a little dangerous to start laughing at things that aren't supposed to be funny but what kid (or adult, come on, admit it) hasn't laughed at a well timed blow-off.

But that wsn't the only thing I did today. Fortunately. I helped mum get the washing off the clothesline this afternoon. I’d never seen a clothesline before. In the old house we had little drying racks in the garage, so this was a special occasion. Mum would unpeg the dry clothes and I would hang over her shoulder grabbing and slobbering on the clothes still on the line! So now our clothes come with a ready made wet patch!

Friday, 26 October 2007

Happy Mexicans

Mum and I did a bit of unpacking while dad was at work, but when he got home he and I had a grand time laughing and playing. I found his ‘one man Mexican wave’ hilarious. I’m laughing a lot more than I used to, and mum says it’s lovely to hear her ‘two boys’ chatting and laughing and playing.

I also discovered more wonders at bathtime. Ever since we gave back the borrowed baby bath stand I've been having showers with mum. And as exciting as they are, we're not really sure how clean I was getting, because nobody around here wanted to lather up a baby with soap. Especially a squirmy baby. So we decided to put my blue bath in the big bath and give it a go. Mum had to hold me in a different way, but I loved it. I discovered what my restless legs can do in the water. Splash! Water went everywhere, and we all had a good laugh.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Bye bye house

When we finally got the house completely empty and cleaned, and the cars fully loaded, we drove out the driveway for the last time.

The only house I’ve ever lived in. Not that I seemed too sad.

We didn’t get far. I needed a feed. So we had a quick roadside stop. We got on the road but didn’t get far. Again. The little car overheated. I was sleeping by that time, so as mum and dad had all sorts of excitement with fountains of coolant flowing out of radiators, and lost radiator caps, I slept in the other car.

We finally made it back on the road a couple of hours after we should have, and after one extra food stop (for me) our little convoy finally made it to grandma and grandad's place for a feed (for mum and dad) and a good night's sleep.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Emergency kit

Dad was supposed to go and meet the truck at the storage centre, but he was sick. So mum woke me up, got me dressed, and gave me a 20 minute powerfeed before we hit the road.

I had a case of the sads when we arrived but grandma was there to give me a big cuddle, and after mum gave me a feed I was whisked off to her house to hang out in my chair while mum directed furniture traffic.

When that was all done we had a quick trip to the new house to drop off a few essentials.

A few hours later we were back at the old house. Dad was feeling a bit better, and when it came time for bed mum made an interesting discovery; the load of essentials sent to the new house included all my nappies!

Fortunately mum had packed an emergency kit before I was born, and it was sitting in the boot of the car, for days just like this. It had 3 nappies in it. All newborn size! That's what you get when you pack the kit before the baby's born! Fortunately, the good thing about being skinny is that those little nappies still sort of fit, and cover all the important bits. We all had a good laugh. And breathed a sigh of relief when I decided not to do a power-poo.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Camping at home

Mum and dad actually woke up earlier than I did today. They were busy packing at 6 o'clock. I woke up at a respectable 8 o’clock. The truck arrived at 9 o’clock.

The the day consisted of me being carted around from room to room, as others were packed and cleaned.

I started the day in the kitchen watching mum clean out the fridge.

Then I spent an hour in the lounge room on my mat watching furniture and boxes leave the house.

At 11 mum put me in the bathroom as she cleaned out the bathroom cupboards. I was so sleepy I nodded off all by myself. That hardly ever happens.

By lunchtime the truck was almost fully loaded, so I went out and had a look at all the excitement. Since I was the only one not carrying boxes, I must have been in charge!

Dad was very impressed with the way I handled myself today. Sometimes I have days where I need to be cuddled and taken for walks constantly. But not today. And everyone was greatful for that.

After the truck left we were all so tired the whole family fell asleep on the floor in my room. Dad wasn't feeling very well, so mum and I jumped in the car and got some fish and chips for tea.

We ate on the floor, we slept on the floor. Just like camping. But at home.

Monday, 22 October 2007

More packing

We've been madly packing. The truck comes tomorrow.

I haven't been helping very much. Sometimes I'll sit in my chair, playing with my feet, trying to get them in my mouth, and sometimes I'll whinge and carry on until mum or dad picks me up.

Dad disassembled my cot. I watched him and grinned. Mum said some older babies get quite upset when they see their cot pulled aprt, but I'm blissfully unaware of what's about to happen in the next few days.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Racing and packing

I woke up in between mum and dad this morning. None of us can quite remember the circumstances of me arriving in the Big Bed. Dad woke up before I did this morning, and said I looked very cute sound asleep. When he got out of the shower I had woken up and wore a big grin all over my face.

Today was my second big racing car day, but quite different from the last one. Last time dad and I had a special bonding experience in front of the telly. Today it was just mum and me at home (dad was at the track) and mum was busy packing boxes, and so I was allowed to watch the cars going around and around on the telly as a distraction while mum wrapped up the cups and plates. I'm starting to think the only thing on the TV is racing cars, as I'm not really encouraged to watch the telly at this young age.

Dad got home late, and I had already gone to bed. He was a bit sad not to see me and read our nightly story. But we'll make up for it tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Fancy duds

I scored some lovely new clothes today. Brand label and all.

Thanks to Mike and Ruth I've been strutting about, and dribbling all over, my new 'Country Road' t-shirt and jeans. Very spiffy.

We had a fun time visiting with our friends from Tamworth. They had a unit at the beach and we visited them a few times this week. I was quite enthralled with the older kids (2 and 4) and they were equally entralled with me. "He touched me" said one, "what will he do if I pat him" said the other! I smiled and joined in the fun. I wish I could run around!

I had cuddles with everyone, and left them all with a slobbery reminder on their shoulders.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Where's mum?

Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with dad.

We play air guitar, we lie on the couch watching telly, we play on the mat. We do all sorts of fun things.

In the early days of our AM/PM shifts, dad would soothe me back to sleep if I woke up around 10:20. Actually, it wasn't 'around' 10:20 - it was 10:20, every night!

But lately I haven't settled at all. And dad has had to call in reinforcements...

Last night dad was determined to do the job all by himself. I woke up. I cried. He came in to help. 50 minutes later I was still wailing. That's a long time, especially if a baby is yelling in your ear. If there are seven dog years for every human year, then every minute a baby cries surely equals ten peaceful ones. Maybe more.

Mum eventually appeared. She was trying to get a bit of extra sleep, but decided to rescue dad. And me too!

As soon as dad handed me over I stopped crying, heaved a loud sigh of relief and fell asleep on mum's shoulder. Dad's sigh was not one of relief!

When we woke up this morning I was all smiles, and happily played with dad on the mat.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Me and my zebra

I've been hanging out with the first toy I took an interest in. Zeb the Zebra.

When I was a really little baby I would stare at him on my change table. I would stare at him on my sheepskin blanket. I would stare at him in the car.

When I was a bit older I'd grab at him on my sheepskin rug. I'd grab at him in my car seat. And I'd try to grab at him while on the change table.

Now that I'm older I'm into more sophisicated toys. Toys that squeak and rattle. Bright and colourful toys. Toys that crinkle!

But today, as mum was packing up most of my toys, she gave me Zeb to play with. I grabbed him with both hands, gave him a big bear hug (or should that be a Zebra hug?) and slobbered all over his face. Like real friends do!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Going and going and going

Just like that bunny in the ads for batteries I kept going and going and going today.

First we had our monthly get together with the babies born on the same day in the same hospital. I'm still the smallest.

Then we had a lunch at work mum and dad both went to. I spent the time charming all their work mates.

Then we went out for tea, and I stayed up the whole night! I got a little vocal towards the end, but overall was pretty well behaved for a little man who was running on no sleep.

Mum's hoping I'll be suitably zonked out to sleep all night.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Talk to me

I like it when people talk to me.

We were visiting friends from down south today and I became very chatty with Ruth. And she 'talked' back to me in my own words. We chatted for ages.

I like long drawn out sounds like 'aaaaaarrrrrrrrr', 'oooooooohhhhhh' and 'mwwwwwwwaaaaaaaa'. I say a few and then wait for a reply. I also perk up if people gurgle like I do.

I especially like to chat at tea time. Mum and dad sit at the table, and I sit strapped into my 'chair of many colours' looking up at them. If I don't have someone looking at me and saying a few words I often get a bit grouchy. But if they keep talking to me I'll happily sit there for ages.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Funny faces

Mum made me laugh today. Not by blowing on my tummy or sneezing or saying boo, she puffed out her cheeks like a funny monkey. And I laughed. And laughed.

I also slept and slept last night. Seven hours in a row!

Mum says there's no rhyme or reason to my sleeping patterns. But she was very happy with last night's effort.

Everyone's hoping I can make it through tonight, even if our nightly ritual was a bit different than usual; we had to give the baby bath stand back, it was on loan, and seeing we're moving we can't really take it with us, so instead of me having a bath on the floor mum let me have a shower with her. She and dad think the way I screw up my face and shut my eyes when the water goes over my head is rather cute. I'm sure they dunked me a few extra times than I really needed!

The shower didn't last that long, and even though I was in a happy mood when I got my jammies on, I wasn't in much of a mood for a story or a prayer like we usually do. Dad had to deliver a very speedy one ,'bless everyone in the family and help us find a new home, amen' - that was some kind of prayer-speed record. We usually have time to mention everyone in the immediate and extended families by name - and the sponsor kids, and friends, and thank God for all the blessings we have like jobs and clothes and cars. But tonight was a quick one.

I was howling by the time mum came to give me my last feed (hopefully) of the day...

Sunday, 14 October 2007

You have to be awake to celebrate a milestone

I'm five months old!

I'm pretty much up to date on all the things a five month old should be doing.

My favourite things include the crumply sounds I can make with my playmat and toy dog. 'Pupsqueak' (that's his name - it's on the tag - we didn't name him!) lives in the car at the moment, and as we drive around mum and dad are treated to a soundtrack of rattles and crumples.

I also like playing with my toes. I sometimes get them in my mouth, but there's often not enough room when there's already eight fiingers in there!

The only thing I'm not too fussed on is sleeping through the night. Sure, I've tried it a few times, and even though it's always met with huge grins from mum and dad, I still find three wake-ups is my preferred method of getting through the night.

Last night I woke up five times. I guess you have to be awake to celebrate a milestone properly. Mum is very tired.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Funny tummy

Dad has been blowing raspberries on my tummy for months, hoping to make me laugh. It works for every other baby on the planet, right? Usually I'll endure it without a laugh or a whinge, but today I let out a chuckle.

In good scientific fashion, dad repeated the experiment, and got the same results. More laughter!

He tried it later on, and I didn't laugh, but he's happy with our progress this afternoon.

I don't often laugh, so when I do it's quite a big deal around here.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Big day out

We spent today visiting friends.

I managed to dribble on everyone, but remained on my best behaviour.

I really like social situations. I happily sat on mum's knee all morning while she chatted away.

One thing I did, which I've never ever done before, was try out my 'let me eat your chin' trick on someone other than mum. It was Alla. she was holding me and talking to me, and I must have felt comfortable enough to lunge at her with my big gummy mouth. I even made sound effects, a big 'arrrggghhhh' just like a pirate! It was a bit weird. But everyone laughed.

By the time we got home I was very tired, but still found it a little hard to get to sleep.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Laughing at laughs

Dad and I were in the study this afternoon, he mimicked my gurgle noises and I smiled.

I like it when both mum and dad make the noises I can make. Then dad gave a bit of a laugh like one of mine. It's a short 'har'. He did it, then I'd do it, then he'd do it again, and I'd do it again.

Then he discovered 'boos' got lots of laughs too.

We both got louder and louder, and had mum laughing too. It was a most excellent time. And we needed some excellent times after the train wreck that was yesterday.

We were so busy laughing that we only thought of the camera at the end, but decided you had to join us in the study for a bit of a laugh (and a boo);

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Today is my 150th day on the planet. To celebrate, I decided to enjoy as much of the day awake as possible. If yesterday was the 'director's special extended edition' sleep, today's effort was about as long as the trailers you see before the movie.

And you guessed it, I was grumpy from morning tea onwards.

Dad's been home this week to pack boxes, but there wasn't much packing done today. Just lots of pacing back and forth and shushing, and comfort feeds, and more shushing, and finally a 'please go to sleep' car ride. Even the gentle rumble of the car couldn't send me into a deep enough sleep.

Mum wonders if my grumpiness is because of teething, and keeps shining a torch in my mouth to inspect my gums. Nothing is showing yet. But the cries sure are.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

All by myself

These days I have a morning sleep which is supposed to last two hours. Sometimes it's shorter than a Dr Phil episode, but lately I've managed to keep it to feature length.

Today I had the 'director's cut extended edition' morning sleep!

Mum expected to hear the tell tale grizzles at two hours, but there was not a peep to be heard. She waited and waited. Half an hour later she peeked her head around the corner and found me wide awake, happily playing with the bars of my cot.

Mum says it's a very good sign if I can entertain myself, but I do love it when she comes into my room with a big smile and a song and a dance, it keeps me from carrying on with a song and dance of a different kind!

Monday, 8 October 2007

The Camptown Cockroach Races

Mum happened to be awake for my 10:20pm (on the dot) wake up. She thought it was a good opportunity for a top-up feed which hopefully would see me all the way until breakfast time tomorrow.

Halfway through my feed, she noticed a cockroach in the corner of the room. She signalled dad (a knock to the common wall shared by my room and the study). He ran in, she pointed, and mission 'Kill Cockroach in the Nursery' had begun.

He surveyed the area and weighed up his hunting options. Which weapon to use? Rolled up newspaper or bug spray? The newspaper won, for environmental, health, and comedic reasons.

By the time dad found a suitable paper, I had fallen asleep, so everything had to be done quietly, as well as quickly. Ever tried wacking a bug quietly? Dad carefully moved my toybox out of the cockroach falling zone. But when he put the box down the room suddenly filled with the strains of Camptown Races. "Do daa, Do daa". Darn those electronic press-button toys!

He and mum burst out laughing, which made even more noise. I stayed asleep. Phew.

So he crept up under the cocky, and went for a big swing.

Whack! I jumped. He laughed. Mum 'shushed' us both. And the cocky took off. Dad took off after it. It kept running, he kept wacking. It ended up running around two walls of my room and finally out the door. Once it had run into the bathroom dad grabbed the spray and finished it off.

After all that excitement I finished my feed and went back to sleep.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Gentlemen, start your engines

It's a big day at Long Lived Rock HQ.

My first Bathurst race.

Dad told me that this was a historic occassion, and that we'll plonk ourselves in front of the telly at this time every year. He says he remembers watching the race with his dad, and just like the first time he read me a story, dad felt a real sense of 'fatherhood' when we settled on the couch to watch the start of the race.

I got dressed in my race suit (which fits properly now, unfortunately it's a bit on the warm side - maybe we should have actually gone to Bathurst!)

I handled myself quite well I thought, considering that yesterday I got a little bit of a fright when mum and dad cheered on their favourite cars during qualifying. They made sure the cheering was on the subdued side for the start of the race.

I didn't have the stamina to watch the whole 161 laps, but kept up to date with the race during the day. I had a snooze in the afternoon, and I think I caught dad having a bit of shut-eye too.

By tea time the race was over, the cars were being hoistered onto the trucks, and I was being hoistered into the bath. A quick feed and a story later, everything was back to normal.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

New toys!

Dad was fascinated today with my fascination with a new toy.

I got a few hand-me-downs from kids who don't need 'baby toys' anymore. Mum threw them in the washing machine, and hey-presto, brand 'new' toys!

Dad would hand me one, I would grab it with both hands, study it for a couple of seconds, and shove it in my mouth! Sort of like what big people do with a new type of food, but I'm not fussy with what I put in my mouth, everything is fair game for my slobber! It's not only people's shoulders that are covered in my dribble at the moment.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Who's the dummy? Pt 2

Some babies are attached to their dummies.

Not me.

I'd rather slurp on a finger, or four, and have even been known to suck my thumb on the odd occassion. So after a couple of days of trying to give me a dummy when I was a little baby, Mum and Dad had pretty much given up on the while idea. Which is probably not that bad an idea.

But the other day, when I was a bit too excited to go to bed, and the clock was ticking, Mum decided it might just be the trick to grab a dummy out of the cupboard and see what happened.

It worked!

So today, when Mum decided to try her new trick again, I had other ideas. I pulled the dummy out of my mouth, turned it upside down, and had a good chew on the sides, the back, the handle, every bit of the dummy except the nice soft bit that's supposed to go in the mouth!

Who says there's only one way to suck a dummy?

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Perfect timing

I hadn't done a poo for four days.

Today was visiting day.

What were the chances of said poo arriving at the visit?

Well, it didn't arrive at the visit. But it was there when we got out of the car. Looking on the bright side, I must feel really relaxed in my car seat!

I made a mess all up my back, and on the car seat. Fortunately, mum always has a spare outfit for me to slip into in case of emergency. Unfortunatley, it's never as nice as the outfit I was originally in.

Regardless of the poo, and the outfit I ended up in, we had a very nice time.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

2 x 2 hours

I've been toying with the idea of daytime sleeps. Sometimes I'll have a bit of a snooze, sometimes a quick nap, and sometimes, on the rarest of occasions I'll sleep for two hours! Today was one of those days. Mum was happy and emailed dad at work to tell him the good news. After lunch I had another two hour sleep!

It might all be because I woke up in the Big Bed this morning. Mum let me in after I woke up with wet PJs and after she changed me she decided it would be easier for all concerned if she just let me in, and the truth is she doesn't need much an excuse for a big cuddle just before the sun comes up.

The only issue with me being in the Big Bed is that I'm prone to getting the fidgets. And nothing wakes dad up with a start more than a stray arm flung into his ear!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Ladies man

Mum doesn't mind taking me out shopping because I've got a knack of charming most people I meet, especially the ladies.

Today we met a few nice people, including one old lady who came up to mum and complimented her on the hug-a-bub - said it was a beautiful way to carry a baby, as she said this I flashed her a big grin, which inspired more compliments!

Then the lady at the checkout smiled at me and I smiled back, despite the four fingers shoved in my mouth.

My usual tactic is to look at people until they look at me, and as soon as they do I give them a grin.

Monday, 1 October 2007

More of the same

I spent today refining my rolls.

I'm a lot quicker, and I can roll to both the right and the left. I haven't rolled from my back to my tummy, but I think that's mainly because my toys hang down, and it would take something a lot more interesting to get me to roll the other way.

I had another sleep-in this morning, which was welcomed by everyone in the family, but didn't really feel like sleeping during the day much at all. When dad got home I was in an interesting mood, rather quiet, and quite tired. So tired that I didn't even feel like rolling!

My life in pictures