Thursday, 19 August 2010

On doctor's orders

I've been reminding anyone within earshot of my special dispensation from the doctor to not let water touch my head.

"Doctor said no wash hairs!"

It's been such a success that this afternoon I decided to modify the prescription;

"Doctor said no wash hands!"

Unfortunately this appeared to go too far. Not even a doctor of philosophy* would prescribe such a thing.

*Unless there's someone out there with a PHD on why we shouldn't wash our hands. If there is, please tell them to contact me directly!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sauce on my head

I had an accident today.

I was in the car, waiting for mum to strap me in, when I leaned up against the door. When she opened the door I tumbled out and landed on my head. Not on the soft grass either, on concrete.


There was blood.

Dad came home straight away to make sure things were ok, and we all headed to the doctor where my head was examined.

No stiches needed, just a quick cleanup and some panadol, and a stern warning from mum to not lean against the door when it's being opened.

Later tonight, when recalling the events of the day, the way I explained the doctor cleaning up my wound was that he "put sauce on my head"!

I am also happy to report the doctor said no hair washing for two days. Yes!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The one thing they don't sell

Dad and I walked to the shops this afternoon to buy some groceries for tea.

As we entered the first aisle dad asked "so, what do we need?"

I answered.

"Um, I'm not sure they have that here", dad said.

Right next to us was staff member packing the shelves, he heard dad's reply, and wanting to be helpful asked, "can I help you find what you're looking for?"

Dad laughed, "it seems we're after some Racing Car Toast".

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