Thursday, 31 May 2007

A break in transmission

I'm a little sad because the nurse at the weigh-station said I should have put more weight on than I have this week. So I've been ordered to top up on a bottle of expressed milk every now and then.

Or maybe I'm sad because tomorrow is the first day of winter. But thanks to my many wonderful friends as family I've got enough jumpers for a trip to Antarctica!

Dad and grandma had fun last night working on a secret project that we'll let you in on very soon. All I can say is that it involved the sewing machine, and dad, in his usual gung-ho this-is-going-to-be-the-greatest-thing-ever attitude, has grand plans...

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

My first job

Dad is back at work this week, and so am I. My first job is to replace the alarm clock.

Here are the reasons I got the job;

1. I don't have a snooze button. It's hard to be late for work because you hit the button one too many times if the button doesn't exist.

2. Nothing helps dad wake up more than changing a nappy at 6am! Once you're up, you're up!

3. You know what you're going to hear. Nobody likes to wake up to a song they don't like, with me you always know what noise I make when it's time to wake up.

4. I'm a lot cuter.

I'm usually up at five or six, and after a feed and a change dad and I have a bit of a play. It's our favourite time of the day. At the moment I'm fascinated with the light streaming through the curtains in mum and dad's bedroom. Experts say people my age are into contrasting shapes rather than colours, and I seem to be confirming it.

When I do become interested in colours dad says I will really appreciate the wall hanging he made for me;

He saw some material the other day that looked perfect for my room, so he got it, grabbed some art canvasses, a nail gun and put it all together at 11 o'clock the other night. He was chuffed it actually worked. Better Homes and Gardens look out!

Now my room is full of bright giraffey goodness!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007


For someone who's only been on the scene for two weeks I have amassed an impressive collection of clothes. I've got my own wardrobe and chest of drawers, and they are filled with tiny singlets and all manner of comfy suits. Everytime I meet someone new, chances are they give me more clothes.

It's just as well, because I have a habit of needing numerous costume changes during any twenty four hour period. Jack Baur can go through a whole season with the same shirt, I can't go three hours without needing a new set of duds. You see, the smallest size nappies just aren't small enough, and I am gifted with an amazing ability to wee through the smallest cracks of armour in my huggies.

Last night I went to bed in a blue and white jumpsuit, somewhere around midnight I hopped into my stripey patriotic bonds suit. As the day progressed I wore my orange jumpsuit Aunty Lyndall bought for me followed by a light blue jumpsuit with a bear on it, then for tea I changed into a delightful yellow 'bear and bunny' ensemble. It took you a while to read this paragrapgh, think about how much time it took dad to get me in and out of all those outfits!

Monday, 28 May 2007


Forget the 'biggest loser', I'm on a weight gain diet. As regular readers will know, I've been on a mission to get back to my birth weight, and time was ticking away. They say it should take two weeks, and today was d-day. I did it! Mum and I figured out feeding on Saturday and ever since I've been powering through feeds. 110 grams in three days.

I clocked 3kgs on the scales at the health center today. The nurse gave me a once over, and I came through with flying colours. I was obviously trying to charm her because it's the first time I've ever been completely starkers and not carried on like the sky was falling.

So we're celebrating a little milestone today. Back to birth weight.

Now it's onward and upward. All the way to 52cm. That's how long I am now. 3cm in two weeks. Not bad huh? I don't know when you go from being 'long' to 'high'. Maybe it's when you start to stand up. You never hear adults referred to as being 'long'. So as of today there's more of me to love, but I still don't fit in most of my clothes!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Let's go out

A few firsts today. We had our first outing today that wasn't to the hospital. It was to church.

We were late.

In defence of my parents there was roadworks, but don't feel too sorry for them. I think the real issue was mum and dad realising more time needs to be allocated than they thought for launching me into the world. Less planning and packing has gone into space missions. My pram, which up until now has been used as a rocking to sleep instrument next to mum and dad's bed, had to be folded up (which took a little more time than it really should have), then dad wasn't happy with the tyre inflation, so he had to find the pump and get them just right. Then my nappy bag had to be refilled. Then, just as we were ready to go out the door, a familiar noise came from under my grey tracksuit pants.

Mum was on high alert when we got to church, I think she was worried I'd launch into one of my loud routines. So as I started to open my mouth during the first song she sought out the creche. It wasn't until after the sermon she and I returned. So at the moment my idea of church is a room full of hyperactive toddlers.

After church I met my uncle David from Canberra. He gave me presents! Lots of fancy new clothes. Unfortunately there's not a lot I can do to entertain my relatives. When people come to stay I'm either sleeping or feeding, and only have a brief window between the two to impress them. I did show the visitors a couple of my cries (not the really special ones, I leave them for 3am) and enough cute moves to keep them smiling, so I think it all went well.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Peas vs Carrots

Mum and dad were talking to a nurse today about me and she told them that an increase in protein means a less gassy, and more importantly, less grumpy baby. Dad says that is good. Not that he's too worried about the gas, he still laughs everytime a foghorn sounds from my nappy. But he likes the idea of a less irritable baby, especially at 3am, so he set off on a mission to the pantry to find out which foods we had contained the most protein.

Mum chose a tuna sandwich for lunch. Protein! Of the three veggies on offer for tea, dad chose peas over corn and carrots, because peas have more protein (at least according to the packet). I think steak is on the menu tomorrow night. He may have gone a bit protein nuts. Speaking of nuts, peanuts are off the menu, because they can give wee little ones allergy problems later on, and I really do want to visit the peanut van in Kingaroy one day.

All this food tampering is in aid of a good cause, but if I continue to fart and grizzle we're back on the carbs, because dad says potatoes are oh-so good!

Friday, 25 May 2007

God gave rock and roll to you

Dad likes to sing me little ditties. He sang them while I was in the womb and he sings them now. His favourite at the moment goes like this, "Somebody in here is a special man, special man, special man, somebody in here is a special man, and that somebody is you". There's also a song he sings at night when it's off to the change table that has the lines, "who did a poo, was it you?"

Dad realises that his ditties aren't all I need in the way of musical stimulation, so he sat me down in front of the speakers and played me some music. Here are my first 5 songs I *officially heard;

You are the sun - Sara Groves
Live so God can use you - David Mullen
Cornelius - Newsboys
Blessed be your name - Matt Redman
Jesus Blood - Delirious

Dad says they are a good introduction to the world of music, and how we can praise God with it, and how we can rock out! During the newboys song I thought he was going to use me as an air guitar, I think we need to buy one of those guitar hero games for the Playstation, safer for me!

* not including a bit of Bindside in the car from the hospital and something on the radio when we were in the supermarket.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

The heaviness of being too light

I had my second official weigh-in today. I've put on weight, just not enough. 35 grams in four days. It may have something to do with me dozing off halfway through feeds. Mum has been given instructions to arm herself with a cold washer.

Oh great, if it's not a cold baby wipe to my rear end in the middle of the night after I've done a midnight poo, it's a cold washer to the face when I'm having a little snooze during a feed. And you thought life was easy for a baby!

On the plus side, we visited the post office and found some parcels just for me! Thank you Munros and Great Mummy B. And.....We got to the post office by riding in the car, and you know that makes me feel good.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


State of Origin footy is on tonight. This is apparently a very big deal in my family because dad spent all afternoon crafting me my very own maroon singlet. When you're 0000 there isn't much that'll fit you apart from wondersuits and singlets, so dad got a plain white one and went to work...

Mum was a little skeptical, and with good reason, dad is always trying to do weird stuff just because 'it'll be cool'. Two hours after the initial trip to the shop to buy the dye my new outfit was ready! Mum turned out to be quite impressed. And as you can see from the photos (complete with Aunty Lyndall's wonderful shoe socks) it all turned out A-OK.

Of course, we won the match. Dad had to celebrate very quietly. He says he looked like a mime jumping around the room waving his hands every time a try was scored, with the sound turned down.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A few of my favourite things

Things I like;

My hands - I can get them out of any wrap within seconds and play with them all through the night. Awake. Asleep. Doesn't matter to me. Gotta have my hands around my face.

Car rides - I've only had two, but boy were they fun. And in a Mazda, would would have thought?

Free Willy - Not the movie, but the process of doing a wee between the time it takes dad to get my dirty nappy off and the clean one on. I'm gettin pretty good at timing it perfectly.

Tummy time - Got to get those neck muscles strong!

Snuggling close to dad's chest - This move is often pulled out in the wee small hours when mum needs a rest. Both of us have been known to fall asleep on the couch in this position.

Mum's brand new baby wrap thing- It's hard to explain. It looks hippyish. Comes from Byron. Way too expensive for a big long piece of cotton. But it wraps around her and I fit inside and I seemed to like it. Dad thinks it's weird.

Mum's left breast - Don't ask why.

Things I'm not so sure about;

Baths - Yes, I know, I'm supposed to like baths. I don't. Dad says he thinks this will change when I discover the art of splashing about.

Sleeping at night - I'm ready to party in the early AM. Can't figure out why mum and dad are reluctant to join me...

Mum's right breast - Don't ask, they look the same, but there's a world of difference that only I can tell.

Phew, we got through a whole episode without talking about poo! If only we could get through a night without dealing with it, I'm sure dad would be happy!

Monday, 21 May 2007

The incident with the exploding bottom

Imagine it's 3am. Imagine a baby crying his lungs out. Imagine said baby has a sleepy dad who is trying very unsuccessfully to change a nappy quickly and quietly to get back to bed because he's only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. Oh, imagine it's quite cold too. Imagine we're halfway through the procedure (ie baby is nude and cleaned, yet not re-clothed) and decides to let rip. With everything he/she has. Lungs. Bowels. Waterworks. The poo is so impressive that it shoots out at such a force it lands a good 5 cm away from where it originated. Imagine a dad lucky enough to be standing more than 5cm away from ground zero, but in the excitement/horror of the preceding incident missed the clues to a big wee which ended up going everywhere...

Then imagine two minutes into the future, baby cleaned up, daddy laughing, almost had time to hand baby to mum for a feed only to hear rumblings between two little chubby legs. Again. "I worked out nappies cost about 25 cents each" mum says. It's amazing the weird conversations couples have at 3am. Back in the bedroom for the feed. "Bluuuurt".

75 cents in ten minutes.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Things you ought to know yet nobody tells you

Two things we've learned in our household.

1. Lots of women poo when giving birth.

Eeeeeewwww! That little fact made the ladies in mum and dad's antenatal classes gasp in horror, while all the men couldn't help letting out little sniggers. Apparantly it happens all the time. So why, in all the conversations with other mums didn't that piece of dignity saving advice pop up? We heard horror stories til the cows came home of long labours, emergency ceasars and other gory stories, but nothing about this. What is so taboo about 'The-poo-which-shall-not-be-spoken-of'? I've decided it is my duty as a less than one week old, with the birth still fresh in my mind, to tell you to be prepared. Anyway, mum was ready and avoided this little incident by preparing. Heed our warning...

2. Belly button stumps stink.

Everybody loves a newborn baby. Nobody loves rotting flesh. When the two collide it's a recipe for more 'eewwwwws'. I developed a bit of a pongy belly button on day 3. My stumpy thing started to smell. Interestingly enough, the belly button stump may be the only part of the body that doesn't come with a fancy latin name - I'd vote for stumpius pongius . Anyway, before we get back onto the topic at hand, in trying to find a medical term for the umbelical stump dad found reference to 'Lotus Birth' which is a practice of not cutting the cord until it falls away naturally. And you thought our family was weird! After that discovery a smelly little belly button stump doesn't sound too bad at all!

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Home is where you hang your booties

Yes siree, I'm home. And what a first night! We finally got to sleep at around 5:30am. Mum was tired, dad was tired, and I was anything but. Cry baby.

Sometimes my entries overlap with the previous day because I'm not really one for keeping to a good schedule. But give me a break, I'm only a couple of days old!

Leaving hospital was a pretty big deal. We packed up everything (except my name tag, mum and dad accidently left it on the plastic bassinet I was sleeping in - but at least they remembered me!) and strapped ourselves into the car.

My first 'friendly fire' incident happened today - mum accidently caught one of my fingers in the seatbelt of my car seat. Ow! In her defense, she was obscured by dad and I was flailing about. i seemed to forget about it pretty quickly, but poor old mum felt rotten.

We got home and wondered what to do next. I didn't come with a manual, so mum put me in my little pram bassinet attachment and I had a bit of a sleep, a bit of a cry, and a little bit of a feed. I'm not as settled as I was in hospital. Maybe I miss all the drilling and hammering...

Friday, 18 May 2007

Hard day's night

We made it through the night. All three of us finally got some sleep after 5am.

I was upset for a long time, and certianly let everyone know about it. Dad says I'm building my repertoire of cries. I've got a long one, a gutteral one, a two toned one, and a sad one.

Mum says dad did a splendid job last night. He changed my nappy all by himself (with a little help from me) and figured out the breast pump and got it sterilised - all during hours civilised people are tucked away in bed. I wasn't in the mood for a feed, but I was hungry, so you can just imagine how I handled that little conundrum - with all of my cries!

Come 5am - mum expressed some milk, got it into me via a bottle, dad took me for a walk, sang a few little songs to me, and I fell asleep. And so did they.

We all woke up at 10. 5 hours!

I had a play on my mat with dad - it was my longest 'tummy time' yet.

We've all had a good day, albeit in a slowed down tired fashion. Let's hope tonight I treat my parents to a good night's sleep.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Sleep is for the weak

There's work being done in the hospital corridor I'm in - banging and thumping and drilling…I sleep through it all - the only time I react to noise is from the door of my room being shut -I always give a little jump - and with all the visits from midwives, doctors, cleaners, visitors, and tea ladies, that's a lot of jumps!

Today dad came and had a nice quiet time before my big feeding test. He says it feels weird for him because he's not the one I need, but he is a part of this whole production. His baby holding technique still leaves a lot to be desired! I've still been having issues with feeding. I am fine with the left breast, but there's something about the right breast that's freaking me out!

We're all a bit sleepy today. Mum had about 3hrs sleep last night.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Mission accomplised!

It's been a pretty big day today. Not only did I meet my other grandparents, I passed the hearing test and I mastered feeding. Sort of. For a person alive for only a matter of days it's amazing how muchI've got to do already - I've got to stay a certain weight, I've got to do certain wees, and I've got to get over my fear of mum's right breast, and I've got to impress the visitors!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


I had my first bath today. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and then it was the best of times again!

I liked being picked up, I hated being undressed, I really hated being dunked into the water, and then I loved the water, and then I hated being pulled out of the water, and I really hated being dried off, and I really really hated putting my clothes back on, but I forgot about hating halfway through getting wrapped up and I I was content once more. Moral of the story? I think I'm more of a 'life is the destination' type guy than the 'journey'. The journey to cleanliness involves disrobing and robing, and they are two of my least-favourite things!

Aunty Lyndall came for a visit, my first visitor! She brought some flowers and some pressies, and had a bit of a cuddle. She was quite impressed with me, and I did my best to show off all my moves, which are pretty much limited to looking around the room, and screwing my face up and playing with my hands. I do have a bit of a fascination with my hands.

Mum's mum and dad came to inspect me. They said hello and each had a hold of me - I've been passed around like a football today, and fortunately not dropped. So I guess that counts me out for the Gold Coast Titans. Actually, the Titans started this year, I was born on the coast, so I guess I should start to follow them…

Monday, 14 May 2007


What a day.

It all started at 6:30 when mum and dad arrived at the hospital for an induction. Not a fully blown induction, but a little bit of gel to jumpstart the whole birth process. Dad said it was a little like a starter motor - it got the engine running.

Mum had to rest for an hour, and then they had time to pull out a board game!

There was music, cards to play poker with (2 mins into the game they realised they don't know how to play poker - so it was a blessing I arrived early, if only for the boredom a lack of card skills brought)

Around 11 o'clock mum told dad contractions might be pretty bad if the cramps she was having were any indication. They could see the little peaks on the monitor we were hooked up to…The midwife came in and inspected mum and announced 'you're 6cms dilated!' Those cramps were contractions!

Mum had a chance to have one bite of lunch before the tummy pains set in…Dad polished off her lunch, so he was full and she got hungry!

It was 2:45pm when I stuck my cone shaped head out . The doctor had to use a vacuum to turn my head around before the last big push so I had a bit of a lumpy noggin. Mum was told to put her arms down and pull me p and she did, straight onto her chest. That's where I stayed for about an hour. I slowly opened my eyes, had a good look around, dad was busy taking photos from every possible angle of me…

My first wee was on dad. He was taking off my nappy and paused long enough for me to feel the freedom down there and fire away. It went everywhere - on the new nappy, on the floor, on my wrap, on the towel under my wrap. But nobody seemed to care, in fact they were all happy I did a wee. That'll change soon enough…They're also fascinated with my poos and farts too. I'm sure that'll get old real soon!

Friday, 4 May 2007

View from the womb

I've been in here for almost nine months. I've been a zygote and fetus, but always a human and always loved. Mum and dad have been watching her belly grow and celebrating every milestone I've already made. The first kicks were quite a triumph, and my first scan made both of them cry tears of joy.
I let mum know when I'm awake with a quick jab with my foot to her left side. Sometimes I'll hit her ribs. 'Ow'. She'll call dad and he'll put his hands over her tummy and wait for another kick. He likes it when I 'do a move', that's what he calls it when I roll about. He laughs and says mum's tummy looks like waves on the ocean.

My home is getting smaller and smaller, or is it that I'm getting bigger and bigger? I get the hiccups regularly which gives mum a bit of a laugh. I wonder if giving me a fright would stop them? I did get a fright the other day when the clothes line fell down and made a big loud bang. Mum said I 'did a move'!

Anyway, theres not a lot of photos of me that don't include my rudey bits, so here's one taken from my 12 week scan...I'm a lot bigger now, but still cute!

My life in pictures